Brunch Is For Jerks? Pffft. Sunday Morning At Estel’s Dine By The Sea

The New York Times recently published an infuriating though I think tongue-in-cheek opinion piece titled “Brunch is For Jerks.”  An article arguing that this favorite weekend meal is for those who are looking to avoid adulthood and responsibility – for those that want to fritter away their entire Sunday with boozy “breakfast cocktails” and fancy food.


HOW DARE THEY!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with squandering most of your Sunday at Estels’ with your feet in the sand, great food, beautiful scenery, comforting food favorites (like the best fry jacks in Belize) and Charles on the BBQ, super friendly folks, maybe some town gossip and some perfectly cooked sunny-side up eggs.

ANd there is nothing wrong if that is seasoned with a pinch of self satisfaction.  How can it not be?  This place is, to me, perfect.

Sundays, Mr. Judgey-Wudgey, High & Mighty New York Times guy, are for frittering – especially in San Pedro.   I think it even specifies it in the Bible.   Let me find that exact line…

Here’s how I spent a good portion of my morning and early afternoon yesterday.

It’s been grey for the past few days with rain at night.  The sun was doing her best when I arrived.  This was probably the sunniest it was all day.


Estel’s was packed on the deck.


I found a place inside at the “family table” – surrounding by…basically anyone who wants to sit down.  A few of my friends were there and I was waiting for another.

Love all the knick-knacks.  I’ve been here at least 100 times and I find something new always.



A signed picture of Charo.  Wait…Charo?  Cuchi cuchi!


And this guy in the ladies room.


Craving pancakes all this week, I had banana.  Best in town.


And chatted with friends.  And speculated on what this new painting is.  Parrot-unicorn?  Or dorado.


And learned about a lime burn from Chef Amy of Wild Mangos Restaurant.

Squeeze a bunch of limes, get citrus oil on your hands, touch a part of your body (like your leg in Amy’s case) and go out in the sun.  Let’s call it a Ceviche Burn.


The perils of living in Belize.

IMG_3355About three hours squandered.  Happily.  So what I have to say is…this jerk loves her brunch.  Especially at Estels.


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