Finn Kardashian Does Central America, Episode 4: Nicaragua!

Nicaragua.  The one Central American spot that I am really DYING to visit.  My overly wishful “before I turn 40 Central American bucketlist” was peppered with Nicaraguan locales.  And I didn’t go to even one.

Finn & dani

I’m 41 now and only crossed off a TINY portion of that list – the Panama Canal and Laguna Bacalar, Mexico.   LOVE them both.   But this post is NOT about me.

It’s about Nicaragua and how for now, I must show it to you through the eyes of our intrepid traveler, Finn.  The backpacking Kardashian.  Here is Episode 4 of his journey.

We last left him surrounded by lithe blond surfers in El Tunco, El Salvador.  Here’s Finn.

Am back home now and the Scoop has put me out there!   Even at Goldson Airport people are like “the Kardashian is back” – made me blush.  There are great stories to come soon, don’t want to piss my fan base as they feel stuck on episode 3.


nic8 Nic9

We left El Tunco, El Salvador at 3am on a shuttle.  Now there is 1 Austrian, 1 Belgian, 2 Germans, 1 American and 1 Kardashian and 1 Belizean on this shuttle.   Straight from the night club, I learnt my lesson the hard way.   But what a better way to shuttle it up with a Jager buzz?

Back at the hostel all the Israeli men were smoking pot like there was no tomorrow when they should invest that money on some deodorant.  Just saying.  Finally after 8 hrs on a shuttle we got into Leon Nicaragua….My head hurts.

We even went through Honduras – it was independence weekend.


Finally a Beer….National beer of Nicaragua… it!


nic7 nic10 nic11

Leon had a big Revolution.   Little they knew that another one was happening when i was there since I was backpacking.  Little. Did.  They.  Know.
So we left to a beach totally Isolated with one hostel only.  It was fun to get away but I
cannot do without the white noise…HELP!
finn turtle
Nicaragua is also the national land of CARBOHYDRATES….Got sexy for this trip just to gain it back.
Hope my crossfit coaches don’t read this post as they will kick my ass doing extra burpees.
nic15Party with my three brothers.
nic wow
So off to another island – Ometepe…the largest lake in Nicaragua.
nic16 nic17
Is this the most beautiful place on earth?  Jeez.
CANNOT go swimming without an underwater selfie…
finn u
Still in Nicaragua, Going to another Surf town – San Juan Del Sur my favorite so far…Its like if Rio De Janerio had a baby with Caye Caulker. They claim to be the land of the Sunday Funday…my shuttle got me there late so i missed it!
Talk about getting in the real back packer fever…now I’m STINGY, $5.USD is alot!  How about .75 cent chicken bus….Whats happening to the Kardashian in me!
Feeling like Nicole Ritchie now…Especially now that Daniel has DITCHED me 🙁 he left to go back to BELIZE…WHAT happens next???
finny finny2
Daniel has left the house.  Stay tuned…

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