A Gorgeous Morning for Dog Walking – The Sun Is Back

I have nothing of great interest to tell you this morning.  But I’ve got this- after a few days of clouds and general greyness, the sun is out, the water is sparkling and it’s a beautiful day.

I am also weekend-sitting my friend’s dog Maxie.   A perfect morning to take a walk south.

One of the prettiest resorts on the island, Victoria House, is closed for maintenance and renovations and we stopped to take a few pictures.  (And so Max could run amok on the beach.)  It’s a beautiful spot opened or closed.

Here you go.

Just south of me, the town has put some cement posts in the water to slow down beach erosion.

IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3086

IMG_3101They have the most beautiful huge coconut trees.


Probably because they properly medicate their trees (read more about that process in this older post).

You can see all the older injection spots.


I headed just a bit farther south to the location of the relatively new Island Time Bar & Restaurant.

Here is Max peeking over the beach bowling alley walls.



The view back up the alley.


And the pool right next door.  Part of Royal Caribbean Resort.

IMG_3095Exhausted dog on the dock….time to head back home.

IMG_3102 IMG_3103I hope you have a beautiful day.  And that you DON’T nominate me for the world’s most boring blog award.  It’s October!  You must cut me a little slack!

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