Halloween is Serious Business on Ambergris Caye – Come On Down!

Halloween is a big deal in San Pedro.  I could spend a few paragraphs with boring information about the origins of the holiday – both religious and harvest based.  Or speculate how it made its way down to Belize (maybe a partying pirate ship?  or some Christian missionaries?) but I think it’s best to be upfront about this.

Belize LOVES a reason to party.  And add in dressing up?  I’m surprised Halloween didn’t originate in these parts.

The decorations are up at the Holiday Hotel – they host the biggest people-party each year…


Complete with an ORANGE CARPET to the door.  Where people line up for photos and adoration.


Here are some photos of the last few years and the invites for some of the parties so that, if you are visiting, you can get ready.  Serious costumes and SERIOUS late nights.

I’m talking 4am.

black party


Pictures of years past…





Dirty priest.  Nice butt.



Okay…enough with humans.  The SAGA Humane Society also throws a HUGE party…the biggest fundraisers of the year for this amazing cause.  Here is the 2014 flyer.

This year the party is at Carlos & Ernie’s.  The perfect venue.  I will see you there – maybe at the doggie kissing booth?


Here are some photos from past parties.  SO CUTE.

saga1 saga2


And me wearing a dog collar for some reason.  And Tesla receiving her raffle prize…




saga6 saga7

There is still plenty of time to get down here.  PLENTY!  And think of the killer costume you could bring with you.  One that you can wear in 80 degree weather rather than…how cold is it there right now?  50?


For information on SAGA’s party and the upcoming silent auction and how to help, check out their facebook page.

See you for Halloween!

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