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New Hostel Opening Soon – Name Needed! I’m Thinking Doughnut Inn and Here’s Why…

Since I first arrived on Ambergris Caye about 8 years ago, there has been a bit of a building boom.  The main streets have been paved and resorts, particularly on the north end of the caye, have sprung up like sunset mosquitos in September.

Much of the building has been aimed towards the higher-end customers.  And…get this.  San Pedro, the largest tourist destination in Belize, has only one hostel.  ONE HOSTEL!   With cheaper rooms, some dormitory style, for backpackers, students and budget travelers.  Caye Caulker has been the spot for these guys – for the most part, they never set foot on Ambergris Caye.

But in just the past few months, TWO hostels (both with prime locations) have been slated to open on AC.

Hopefully we will attract a whole new type of traveler.  Because based on what I’ve seen, what I’ve read and what I have blogged about (please refer to my Finn Kardashian episodes below), these globetrotters travel on a budget but they secretly have wads of cash.


I see you with your Go-Pro, your $400 Gucci sunglasses and your IPhone 7s.  You don’t fool me with your ratty hair and your keepin-it-real hackey sackin’.

SO let me tell you about one of the hostels.  That is now under construction at the location of the Sandbar Bar & Restaurant – in Boca Del Rio.  For those who are not familiar with the place, take a look at this post from 2 years ago…when they first opened.

The gorgeous beach out front…


Yesterday, one of the owners, Brittney, gave us a tour around the site.  Construction is planned to be finished in November.  So no reservations yet, but keep your eyes on my Facebook page.  I’ll let you know.

Let’s call the place Sandbar for now.


It’s a construction site.  Cutie potlicker Stella was waiting to greet us.


Upstairs, there will be three private rooms at the front.  Each with bathroom and a HUGE shared balcony.


Looking right over the ocean.


The builder even made this cute little model of the beds for the room.  They are going to be double on the bottom – with a twin bunk.  The planned price is $50US a night.  With AC.  And mini-fridges.


The view south to Wet Willy’s Cantina.



Behind the private rooms, there will be two larger rooms.  A mens’ and womens’ dorm with bunk beds and room for 12 in each.  $15US a night proposed.  Oh…and AC!


Shared bathrooms and laundry room.  Nice.

Downstairs there is a large glassed in area that will be a common room.  Bean bags, a giant map to pin your hometown, internet…


It all looks fantastic but here is the thing I’m most excited about.  There will be a branch of ICE N’ BEANS, the coffee and HOT donut shop in Caye Caulker, RIGHT HERE!


This is all you need to know.


Delicious coffee, HOT SUGARY donuts, shaved ice in one million flavors and rum balls.  Here on Ambergris Caye.

On the other side, the hostel will have a bar and a restaurant.  All food 20% off for those staying.


And the balcony above.


Very cool.  And one more thing.  They are looking for a hostel name.  The other new hostel opening in town is called “Hostel La Vista” – super clever, right?

CAN YOU NAME THIS HOSTEL?  If so, I will gladly buy you a bag of donuts.  They are THAT GOOD.


So backpackers…COME TO AMBERGRIS CAYE!   We should be ready for you for the holidays.

And San Pedro residents?  Get ready to loosen your belts…for hot donuts.

If you need me…


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12 thoughts on “New Hostel Opening Soon – Name Needed! I’m Thinking Doughnut Inn and Here’s Why…

  1. Kendall Beymer

    I’m still in shock I live so close so such yumminess and haven’t been there yet – tomorrow it is! As for a name – Homer’s House Hostel; lends to an easy “H3” (with the 3 in the mathmatical “to the 3rd” style) branded logo. Could go humor/witty – “Hostel? Na We Be in Paradise!”. Practical (think web SEO) – “San Pedro Famous Hostel”, “Ambergris Caye Best Hostel”, “Belize Island Hostel Paradise”; maybe the H3 from above with Belize/AC added in…okay I’ll stop now – I just REALLY want free doughnuts!

  2. Debbie Griffith

    when matt brown had this place a few years back,he made the best ceviche i have ever had.lots of awesome juice.

  3. Brian Luepke

    We loved the Sandbar. Good bar food, fairly cheap, and decent drinks. But now we have this hostel which is taking FOREVER to build. So I would suggest borrowing the name of your favorite ferry and name it the Hokey-Pokey Hostel!

    1. Belize Blog

      Around here? It’s not that slow! I mean…we’ve been watching condos that take YEARS. I’m not willing to give them that name yet…

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