San Pedro’s New Hot Spot: “Boogie’s Belly” And the Remnants of Post-Tropical Cyclone TD9

Our first (and let’s hope only) 2014 storm scare has been a minor one so far in San Pedro – and that’s how we like it.  Moving, oddly, from West to East (standard weather movement in the US, not so here), TD9 threatened to make it to Tropical Storm status but never did.

This morning’s status on NHC.


And yesterday was such a sunny hot day that is seemed like this weather pattern had disappeared forever…

Coconut Leo doesn’t seem worried.

coconut leo…but last night, the skies opened up, rain and almost constant flashes of lightning in all directions.

Yesterday at the beach.



Picture MAYBE instagram filtered a bit up at Rojo Beach Beach by our man up north, Finn Kardashian.  Does Instagram have an “Apocalypse filter”?


Thunder that my cats did not enjoy.  One needed to drape himself across my legs all night and full claws knead my skin for comfort.

I started yesterday off at what I will call San Pedro’s Newest Hot Spot – Boogie’s Belly.  A small but super cute new deli/restaurant between Middle Street and Back Street – on the side street that has San Pedro’s Lions’ Den.


Thought I visited a few weeks ago for some delicious sere, about 10 people this week have told me I MUST go try the breakfast.  And that they are making HOMEMADE meat pies!  One of the classic breakfasts in this part of the country.


Like mini-pot pies, these budget local treats are all about the crust.  Flaky savory pie crust just moistened by a slurp of filling. 


I arrived at Boogie’s at about 9:45am but ALL BREAKFAST WAS SOLD OUT.  I’d heard about the belgian waffles…stuffed with eggs and meat or peanut butter and jelly.  Gone.  About the stuffed fry jacks.  Finished.  I went for double meat pies ($1.50bzd EACH) and a cup of real coffee.


GOOD COFFEE!  Flavored creamer or regular…and free refills.  Love this place!

And I got chatting with Jessica, the preparer of these pockets of bliss, about meat pies.  She has done them with LOBSTER filling…vegetarian.  Yum.  Would it be weird to just order 50 for my home use?


My view from inside the Belly.  Super casual sand floor but great service and I love the family who owns it.


Jason, Jennifer and Jessica.  (It’s hard to figure out who is the mom and who is the daughter but either way…both are lovely.)


These guys are Belizean…and American.  Jason was born in Belize City and Jennifer in the Toledo District, Big Falls to be exact.  He moved to LA for 33 years.  His grandfather started one of the most famous classic Belizean food restaurants in the country – Dit’s in Belize City.  (I visited for stew chicken OF COURSE a few years ago.)

Boogie is Jason’s father.  Also cool?  The family ran a catering business in Los Angeles for a few years also called “Boogie’s Belly” – they delivered these very same meatpies for morning meetings at spots like Paramount!

I LOVE THE CRUST.  And going forward, I want all my food served in pie crust.  ALL OF IT!

Try this spot.  Doing classic Belizean dishes and breakfasts – this cook can COOK!

But get there early!  I passed by at 1pm a few weeks ago…drawn in by these lunch specials.  SOLD OUT.  TWO DOLLAR POUND CAKE?

Lobster balls?  Deep fried pork chops?  This pig sign speaks directly to me.


And then some of yesterday’s offerings…


Great chalk boards.   Check them out.  And let me know what you think…

Oh…and weather.  This morning is grey, grey, grey and drizzly.  And a bit cool.  It feels great to me.

Have you seen anything more beautiful?

bb picPicture by Boogie’s Belly.  Meat pies ready from Monday to Saturday at 6:45am.


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