Saturday Night In San Pedro: 2 Birthday Parties – Ice Princesses and Togas

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited to two parties in San Pedro.  One for my lovely Crossfit buddies (Dennis & Monica’s) daughter Chelsea – she was turning 4 years old.  And the other to celebrate the opening of a new hostel in town and for the birthday of the owner, Maria.

Fun.  The first party was scheduled for 3pm.  It was clearly printed on the very cool invitation.

IMG_3283Clearly 3pm.  But this is Belize and we must abide by Belizean time.  So we waited…did some errands and arrived at 3:50pm.  Not the first to arrive but…the second.  And they were setting up the party.

I’ll never get island time right!


Even the birthday girl hadn’t arrived yet.  But no matter…it gave me a chance to gape at the decor.  Wow.  Lucky Chelsea!  And I need to talk to her mom.  Would it be weird to have a party like this for my 42nd?  Don’t judge!



She’s probably let me borrow all the props!IMG_3286

IMG_3294 IMG_3288

A pinata…


And fun props and costumes.


And Chelsea.  Looking SO beautiful.  FOUR YEARS OLD!


I watched carefully for what a 3pm invite ACTUALLY means.  I think I figured it out.  A few families trickled in but then at 5, the minister and his family arrived and the floodgates opened.  3pm means 5!  And it looks like the party went late night…



And then later.  Photo by Chito.



The next party was just a block south – for Maria Parham.  Right on the Front Street of San Pedro in a large lot next to Jaguar’s Night Club that has been empty or basically un-used since I arrived on the island 8 years ago.


The property has been owned by the Parham family since the 1800s!   You can read this brief history of the caye written by George Parham on  It’s pretty fascinating…

Elderly Mr. Parham, had been sick for years and moved to the states, closing the hotel that was on this property and leaving it, basically vacant.  He passed away and just recently his grand-daughter Maria and some friends, have returned to San Pedro to re-open the property (almost like an urban oasis) as a Hostel!

Maria is young…and her friends were celebrating her 27th birthday with rum and togas.  Of course!  I stopped by early (because apparently that is what I do) to check out the insides of this building that has fascinated me for YEARS!

Maria is an amazing artist!  Look at this GORGEOUS mural she is painting in the office.

IMG_3316 IMG_3317And then one of the rooms…AC, ready for business…I think it looks fantastic.

IMG_3319 IMG_3322 IMG_3320And the front patio?  In front of the massive lawn that is right across the street from San Pedro’s Central Park?



I am going to stop in again next week.  These ladies were in the midst of decorating for the party!  Lots of gold spray paint and fan palms.  I’m guessing so that the slaves could fan the birthday girl.

IMG_3327I headed home for an early night but here are some pictures that I borrowed from Facebook friends.  Looks like a very good time…

Oh Josh.  Never one to be shy.


The birthday girl in the middle…


And our favorite backpacker, Finn.


Oh and guys?  Next time I steal your pictures, can you make sure they are a little clearer?  Gracias.

Some of the BIGGEST parties of the year are next weekend – for Halloween.  Perhaps both these parties are just warm-up…

With the orange carpet rolled out in front of the Holiday Hotel, you are going to be stunned by the costume ingenuity.

IF you stayed at the Parham’s hotel, The Sands Hotel, when it was open and thriving (starting in the 70s), I’d LOVE to hear about it.  And even better?  I’d love to see some pictures.  Let me know.  I’m really glad to see it re-opened.

Check out the Hostel La Vista’s website for more information.  LOVE the colors.Hostel


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