Kardashian Correspondent Covers Belize Fashion Week 2014…A Sneak Preview

This year, I’ve attended some fairly unexpected events in Belize.  Events that may not seem exceptional in places like New York…or Mexico City…but are both surprising and exciting in our tiny country.  April’s Belize International Film Festival held in Placencia was one.


The premiere of San Pedro (and Belize’s first) locally filmed, acted and debuted telenovela another.

And maybe most surprising to me (though a tad less artsy) was Belize’s first International Harley-Davidson rally in February.  On the beach.  In Belize City.  Crazy.

Tell me you wouldn’t freak out a bit if you saw a pack of hogs pulling into Old Belize.  (My best attempt at “motocycle-talk”)


So this past week, when I saw the announcements for BELIZE FASHION WEEK 2014, I immediately realized two things.   1.  That this was a super cool, international, cosmopolitan-style event taking place right here in San Pedro and 2.  that I was NOT the one to cover such an event.

Fin K., my trusted travel correspondent and man-about-town, to the rescue.  He even assured me that he would have the correct outfits and “bling” for the occasion.  I mean…PHEW.

Photo by Oli Rusu Photography.

oli rusu

So he spent the entire weekend partying, mixing and mingling, taking photos for the Scoop and partying, mixing and mingling.  The last fashion show was Saturday evening.  Our Fin K., though, is a bit tired…and so this afternoon (THIS AFTERNOON!), he sent me a preview.  He ASSURES me that there will be much, more.Fin K

From Fin:   Fashion week has come and gone and Belize has showcased the best in the country and Central America! More to come….2500 pictures is a lot to work on!

Fin4 Fink1 Fink2 FinK3

Oh my….this does look pretty fabulous!  Stay tuned for LOTS more photos AND commentary (got that Fin?) over the next few days.   Belizean designers…pretty fantastic.

And who knew?  Belize – expect the unexpected.

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