Belize’s Kardashian Does Central America: Episode Six – Panama & Finn’s Return

Our Kardashian is now back in Belize.  Working behind the bar at the gorgeous Rojo Beach Bar and taking gorgeous pictures…


Not a bad view from your work station…

We followed him all the way through Central America…with his buddy Danny and without.


But Season One is not over.  My very favorite Episode was the last one:  Episode 5.  And now we meet up with our Danny-less Kardashian in Costa Rica.

Take it away FinnK.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – a surfing town in Southeastern Costa Rica known for it’s waves and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Very much like Placencia and San Ignacio. This town was amazing. So the first night I walked the street and there were people talking something like Belizean Creole –  so strange but cool!  We decided to buy groceries and I hear this girl say “wat ninety-nine cent fi a Pac a dis” I was like OMG Belizeans! Am trying to get away from them and here i meet them.

Now! 3 other ladies talking outside the street arguing over the Chinese supermarket and I said excuse me…are you Belizean?   And they gave me the eye!  They said it was Guari Guari, Caribbean ENGLISH!

So let me put this out there to all my Belizeans – We are not the only Creole Speaking country in Central America!   AND we are not the only country with sunday dish!  Sunday dish is the same in Costa RIca.


finn4This shot looks like we are green screen. My German Brothers Tommi and Dani.

So far my German is very fluent.   With them, I have learnt how to say Banana= Banane, Cheers= Prost, No=Nine, and Shit = **** lmao….



finn8 finn11

This town is crazy party town so much fun, smell the Ganga in the AIR!  We went to this super awesome bon fire – it was like a Amazon tribal bon fire party.  Talk about hangover in the making.   And yes we are the only ones at the hostel that drink GG or Gin.

GG = Grey Goose!

finn12 finn10


Love Costa Rica but Nicaragua has won my heart.
Panama here we come…By the way the highway is full of BANANA Plantations lots of them
plantations like Chiquitata banana and Delmonte.
finn14 finn13
Stayed at this super cool Island Bocas Del Toro….Love it! So much fun.  The area is covered with little islands with crazy ass night clubs…What! Thats all need to live.   Simply Jager and good looking people and some flirting! Its so hard to be me!
heilige scheiße! = Holy Shit in German Panama City!
After a 8 hr bus ride, WOW this place has its thing going on! Talk about being the Metropolitan Capital and the RICHEST in Central America.  My Belize-brain farted and I got Confused. Only happens to the best of us! This City is so Crazy Like Dubai, San Fran and Miami had a big cluster fuck in a good way!
finn19 finn20 finn22
This was our last night 🙁 we decided to treat ourselves to the Hilton downtown Panama and I ain’t going out looking Backpackerish only KARDASHIANISH…..My Flight was at 3am…so run the Grey Goose!
finn23 finn24
Fancy Menu! Awesome times, Great memories and Amigos for life.
And back to Belize!  Home sweet home.
This was one of the best things I have done in my life and I am really grateful to the people that took good care of me!   Daniel Mun and Tommy Li Greetings from Belize don’t freeze your butt in Germany, Thank you  for being the big brothers of the trip!
Daniel Jakeway my original backpacker buddy thanks for DITCHING me halfway! Rebecca thanks for the opportunity to blog for you! Am already looking forward to my next trip cross your fingers! And to all the readers thanks for reading!
GO FINN!  And though he hasn’t TOTALLY locked in – I have already planned a bi-weekly column for him.  Finn Kardashian Takes San Pedro!  Stay tuned…

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