My Thanksgiving, My Year In San Pedro, Belize & Reasons to Visit in 2015

American through and through, Thanksgiving is in no way a Belizean holiday.  And while it is still strange to me, after 7 or 8 Thanksgivings here, to see kids going to school and the Belikin guys making their deliveries, the holiday is getting bigger and bigger in San Pedro.

Mainland turkey not looking at ALL nervous.  They still have about a month until Xmas.  (Don’t even ASK why one is wearing a denim vest.)


This is the first real week/weekend after the slow season that tourists return en masse and restaurants, delis and bars have plenty of turkey specials to make all us gringos feel at home on Thanksgiving.

We now even have one Black Friday sale, the first ever, to help the tourists REALLY feel comfortable.  Here is Correspondent Fin faux-camping out the night before…ready to trample (lightly) the employees when they open the doors in the morning at Caye Supplies.

Finn Black Friday

It’s not just for the visitors…Belizeans love a turkey dinner and a good reason to gather with friends and family as much as anyone else.

SO…after stuffing myself with some DELICIOUS food last night at Rojo Beach Bar – turkey with tasty gravy, mango glazed ham with red eye gravy, stuffing with chorizo and then dotted with buttery lobster chunks, cranberry relish, mash potatoes…pumpkin cheesecake pie…I didn’t have time to take a picture…I got to thinking…

The Belikin/San Pedro tree going up yesterday in Central Park.


I got to thinking about 2014 and what an AMAZING year it has been.  To totally see my (obsessive) hobby turn into my full time job with the support of many…to travel and meet just the coolest people – from the guy on the bus who shared his mayo sandwich to Supa G and (fingers crossed) Sean Paul tomorrow!



To go on crazy adventures, eat tons of great food and stay at gorgeous resorts.  I mean…can you think of anything better?

So since I am tripping down gratitude lane…here are just a few of my favorite posts/experiences over the past year.

I picked my favorite desserts in San Pedro and in all of Belize.  OH THE HARDSHIP!

Chocolate Cake

I finally saw Jerry Jeff Walker, a Texas music icon and super talented guy, in concert at Fido’s.  He does two “Camp Belize” shows in San Pedro a year – and has been for quite some time.  It sells out EARLY.

jerry jeff

I’m not sure it was so much a highlight, but it was something that had been on my list.  Visiting the heavily secured Cruise Ship Village in Belize City.  To see how so many visitors to our country experience it.

Many like this…

wet lizard

I went on a pretty amazing tour of a banana farm in Southern Belize.  Super interesting.  Really.  Why the bags?  Why are bananas so cheap?


A Harley Davidson Rally in Belize?  Yup.  Totally bizarre and totally awesome.


Such a success that the second one is scheduled for 2015.

rally 2nd

I flew on Tropic Air’s very first flight to Merida, Mexico and I LOVE THAT CITY.  SO going back in 2015.


Love it or hate it.  Carnaval in San Pedro makes for great photos.


I took a two day tour of mega-project Sanctuary Belize, just south of Hopkins.  Highlight for me may have been visiting their private caye.  A heavenly spot.  The perfect place to get people to sign big checks…


I went on an AMAZING bioluminescence tour on a small lagoon a few minutes from Hopkins, Belize.

Just reaching into the BLACK water in the BLACK of night and trying to catch a jellyfish is exciting…but wait until you see the lagoon glow!

I traveled to Western Belize – the border with Guatemala – and the town of Benque for a gorgeous Good Friday tradition.  Decorating the streets for the Passion of Christ.  I even got to help.


I went on a beautiful “honeymoon for one” to Portofino Resort on Ambergris Caye.  These hammocks over the water are my happy place.


I attended Fuego the Tapir’s first birthday party at the Belize Zoo along with hoards of happy school children from around the country.  I freakin’ LOVE the Belize Zoo.



I traveled ALL the way south to Punta Gorda, Belize for the annual Chocolate Festival.  I love love LOVED both the street festival on Saturday

punta gorda

and the Sunday ceremony at the Lubaantun Maya site.  Stunning.


Make SURE to check out the Earthship right next door.  To the Maya ruins.  An earthship.


It’s scheduled for May 22 to 24th, 2015.  Belizean chocolate is the real deal and Punta Gorda is just SO beautiful.  Like no other part of Belize.

And then I went to THREE Lobsterfests…but…



I need to end it there (for now) but can you see what I am SO THANKFUL to live in this amazing little country that has such big things to offer.

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