Finn Kardashian Backpacks BELIZE! A Trip To San Ignacio

Over the past month or so, we followed my SUPER FUN and talented friend Finn on a pretty awesome adventure – from his home town and the place of his birth, San Pedro, Belize, all the way down to Panama City.  All backpacking.  But all done Finn’s way.  We’ve named it the Finn Kardashian way.  More fun, stylish and upscale with attention to the finer things and LESS those trashy pictures with the baby oil, butts and champagne that attention hungry Kim has been putting out recently.

Oops.  Maybe I am wrong.


But that is neither here nor there.  Over the past few weeks, Finn’s friend Phil has been visiting.  A friend he met backpacking through Central America and came back to visit and stay.  So here is a post he wrote about last week’s adventure to San Ignacio.  A town that has really (as Belizeans say) CUM UP! over the last few years.

Here’s Finn.

So finally I have decided to give the world a little bit of what I call “Snob Packing” in my own country –  BELIZE!

I have a Aussie/Irish friend Phil Sprat that I met while backpacking in Nicaragua! So to prove to him that refried beans are better than baked beans from a can, we needed to explore the countryside.  Because…well…Fin always wins.  Let’s call it Fin-dication.

So SAN IGNACIO here we come!


Thats me and Phil.   My actual ‘am on a BUS’ face to San Ignacio!  Get me a Shot of Jager ASAP!

After 2.5 Hours – we finally make it to the WILD WEST.

And OMG right next the bus stop there is what every Kardashian would love – a Beverly Hills style Candy/Coffee shop.   Did I just die or is this real?  So we had to check it out and they have everything you can find in heaven Cookies, Sticky buns, Lattes, Espresso with a Beverly Hills twist to it.


The Treatery in San Ignacio.



Now time to go hostel hunting.  As if!

So no Hostel for US this time – maybe next time? Staying at Venus Hotel right in the heart of town! Clean and Comfy who needs amenities when I am the complete package LOL! Dinner at Fuego is YUM – love it went back again, Fin Approved!



Now the next day  we went to Xunantunich ….My Friend Phil said he loved it except for the idiots that work there!  Belize Tourism Board better do something – the guy that collects at the entrance – he had the worst attitude!

It was as if he was doing us a favor at a correctional facility!  Bitch don’t kill my vibe! Please 🙂

Phil2 phil10

Phil14 phil 14

Added some effects to it!  To make it more like the time when the Maya lived there.   Love this place!   The energy is very much alive.   And the smell of the forest its just MAGICAL!


Way better than Disney!  Maybe I should play some Pok ta Pok – the sacred Mayan ball game – and see if I get a Mayan booty!

After miles of walking, I really need a beer.  NO! I am not an Alcoholic, I am simply on VACAY MODE!  And what else is there to do than to Drink Beer with friends?  LIFE IS GOOD!

We went to town to a local San Pedrano Bar/ Cevicheria by the name D’ CATCH down town –  it was good.   Better than most of San Pedro’s Ceviche.   A must try cool down and snack spot. FIN approved!

Phil8 Phil7

Final night so my blog Boss recommended Guava Limb this place is TASTY GOOOD! My cross fit friends would love this spot especially if you are a light eater they have amazing dishes and FINTASTIC Desserts. Fin Approved!

Phil3 Phil4

So I leave you guys with a taste of what I call SNOB Packing!  Back Packers call it Flash packing but thats so 2014 and well…I am way ahead of the game!  Who wants to climb volcanoes and do stuff when you can eat and drink and be MERRY!

So get your butts to Belize!   From my own little Kardashian world to you! Am OUT! XOXO FinK


Oh…and for another dose of Finn, visit him behind the bar at gorgeous Rojo.  He never ceases to entertain.


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