The Last Few Days – Bringing a Dog Home, Fishing at El Pescador, Some RubiMoon & Lunch at Ramon’s Village

The last week has been absolutely gorgeous…until today, when at about 4am, the skies opened up and the rain dumped out.  It’s now noon and things are finally clearing up.


The sun will be out shortly and here are a bunch of pictures from the last 4 or 5 days…things that I’ve been up to.  I already told you about the zoo.  Twice in fact.  But here are a few other odds and ends.

I traveled back from Hopkins Village to San Pedro with One Incredible Dog

Perhaps the sweetest most deserving tender loving humble dog I’ve ever met.  Her name, as she is a cow-dog, is Elsie.  And, after one month of love and rehab in Hopkins, she valiantly travelled by car from Hopkins to Belize City and by boat to Ambergris Caye and then another boat to her new home at Rojo Beach Bar and Azul Resort.  Where she will live out her days in comfort and safety.

There are some before pictures on my blog post about the Hopkins Humane Society.


Her swollen and infected toes…her gaping wound on her back knee and she was still smiling and her tail thwapping back and forth.


And now…she spends her time reclining on her bed…or sometimes on the beach.


When you go visit her (and you must) and she looks up at you with those big cow eyes and doesn’t even judge you for being the same species as the ones who tried to kill her by starvation and abuse, your heart will melt.  Promise.

I had lunch at Pineapple’s Restaurant At Ramon’s Village

For some strange reason, I had never eaten at the popular restaurant at Ramon’s.  Late last week, I stopped in to try it out and have lunch with Einer, the resort manager.

The place is beautiful, as always and I took a quick look around…

IMG_4153 IMG_4155 IMG_4157

I tried a delicious shrimp wrap on a hot fresh home-made tortilla.  Give me crispy fries and creamy sauce?  I’m in heaven.


And, of course, the beautiful view.


I will SO be back for Sunday brunch.  I am hearing great things…


A Bit Of Shopping at RubiMoon Boutique

This fantastic shop on Front Street has tons of unique and beautiful items.  Here.  I’ll show you a few.

Love these new bags.


I love these boxes.


And the kids clothes just can’t get any cuter.


Great jewelry, sarongs and scarves that I manhandle each time I go in and just pretty things to look at…make it a point to stop in.  And Anke tells me that a new shipment is coming soon…


Fun Fly-Fishing Casting Tournament and Just a Lovely Day at El Pescador Resort

Okay, this isn’t exactly my niche but with an invite from the lovely Ali at El Pescador and a fly fishing aficionado friend (F.F.A.F) in tow, we drove up to the resort.


I really didn’t know what to expect other than a lovely day…


and lots of guys.  Which probably meant plenty of beers and some guy activities.


And casting…for sure.


And LOTS of fly-fishing wear.  Certain garb seem to be a must when whipping a feathery bit at a bonefish.


Here are just a few…

NEEDED:  One of these things.  Purpose?  Unknown.


And the fly fishing shirts.  Enough snaps, buttons, pockets, grommets and mesh inserts to let those around you KNOW that you mean business.

Men's fly-fishing shirt.

All in all a lovely afternoon, where fisherman after fisherman went out on the platform to try to cast the farthest but mostly, to be heckled by the crowd.

OH!  And I did take a peek at the lovely new renovations.  Take a look at this new suite.


A lovely place to spend the afternoon.


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