One Beautiful Day in Hopkins Village, Belize and A Fantastic Spot to Stay

Monday morning, I woke EARLY to catch the very first bus out of Placencia.  I’d spent three fantastic nights at the VERY comfortable Casa Placencia in a studio apartment…all in one of my favorite colors AND a screened in porch/lounge…

Casa Plac

and REALLY enjoyed the village.  Time to head out but I had one stop before making my way back to San Pedro…an IMPORTANT stop.   In the village of Hopkins, Belize.

Here’s the map…the two places are actually quite close to each other.  Based on the key…what’s that?  30 miles?  I hopped on the 630am bus, jumped off at Maya Beach Bistro for a QUICK breakfast (you can see those amazing eats in my last post) and then by 745am, I was on my way to Hopkins.


The bus is going to Dangriga and you ask to be dropped off at the Hopkins Junction – along the highway.  It doesn’t get you to Hopkins, that’s an additional 5 miles down an almost paved road.  Here, you have options.   You can call a taxi – the number is posted on the bus stop.  They will charge you $20bzd.   Or…you can wait with the others that are at the stop for a ride.  People making the turn down to Hopkins generally slow down so people can jump in the car…or in the back of the pick-up truck.

Gorgeous day for hitchhiking.  Mountains…orange groves…sigh.


I waited with these nice folks and a pick-up truck soon carried us to the village.

junction 1

I was checking into a place I was quite excited about.  Coconut Row House.  Located down a very small side street to the beach but RIGHT in the middle of the village, the location is ideal.

Many resorts in Hopkins are located at the very far end of Hopkins, actually an area called Sittee Point – a lovely area but a 10 minute bike ride to “downtown” Hopkins.  Coconut Row is perfect…and so convenient to the tiny village.

I checked into a 2 bedroom apartment…WAY more room than I needed but I certainly was not complaining.

IMG_4035 IMG_4036

My bed was so comfy.  I love down pillows and good sheets.IMG_4038

The “compound” is super charming.  Originally a home, the first built in concrete in Hopkins, now renovated and other building have been built over the years…

Ring the bell.



IMG_4144 IMG_4040 IMG_4042

And then I took a walk north…Hopkins was oozing charm all over me and the perfect weather wasn’t hurting.


I stopped in for lunch at Tina’s Kitchen – a palapa in the center of town.



I LOVE split peas and pig tail…and I ordered a delicious plate of it.  I’ve never had the tail whole (usually chopped for easier eating).


Saltiness of the tail and the sweet creaminess of the cole slaw is a divine combo.  Don’t be scared.  If you like pea soup, you’ll love pig tail with split peas.

And then a walk farther north on the beach.


There are no resorts or big houses in the village proper…just small shacks and fishing dories.

It’s so beautiful…

IMG_4062And the gnarled old trees along the way.



The water and the sand.  The sand is a bit finer than on the Placencia Peninsula and the water was beautifully clear.  Coconuts scattered on the ground and chickens running along the beach.

IMG_4069IMG_4070 IMG_4072


Near the north end of the beach is the popular Driftwood Pizza.


And then to the lone large resort on that end of town – Hopkins Bay Resort.

It’s on a large impressive piece of beach and the buildings look nice…if not a tiny bit bland.  (Though I should not judge, I have NOT seen the insides…)  They just stand out on this giant property in such a rustic, shabby chic village.


But the restaurant Rhum Shack…


Beautiful, right?


And then the pool bar has these seats that are just made for picture taking…

IMG_4089 IMG_4091

After a soda water and some wi-fi, I wandered back to Coconut Row taking pictures of all things cute.  Kids and older folks waving at me?  I was feeling the Hopkins Village love.

IMG_4094 IMG_4095



I went to bed early that night…it gets DARK down here and was up early to see a gorgeous sunrise…

IMG_4111Beautiful Hopkins…volunteers from the Humane Society were coming to pick me up…with a dog and we were all headed back to Ambergris Caye.  I’ll tell you more about THAT later.

Now I am off to the Belize Zoo.  It’s the Harpy Eagles Birthday party today and though I didn’t get her a gift (chicken carcass?  one of my cats?), I am WAY to celebrate with her and all the school kids.


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