Visiting a Dream House on An Absolutely Dreamy Day On Ambergris Caye

Yesterday’s weather was perfection.  Low 80s, slight cool breeze from the north…and just sun.

From the boat ride that I took in the morning past resorts up north (like Ak’Bol here)…

IMG_5240or the afternoon walk that I took south from about Mile 1.5 S to Mile 2.5 and the GORGEOUS, luxe rental home, Wataview.

Here is some of what I saw on my walk south.  Victoria House Resort.


Love this miniature dock.  Large enough for just a hammock.


IMG_5285And then looking back up north.  Sigh…


A few minutes later I was at Wataview.

A sprawling 5 bedroom home on the most beautiful stretch of beach.

IMG_5295 IMG_5326

And here’s the Wataview – or Water View.  But I do like that the creole sounds more like What A View!  It just comes out of your mouth when you are standing on the gorgeous back pool deck.


And step thru the doors…


The great room is open up to the high high ceiling.  IMG_5309

The huge amazing kitchen…and this house comes with a chef, kitchen assistant, housekeepers…you don’t need to do a thing!  Well…other than pay your bill.


Bedrooms all with huge bathrooms and most with THE VIEW.


But one of my favorite features of the house was this AMAZING HUGE SCRABBLE SET!


I will know that I “made it” when I have an entire table devoted to a huge pivoting wooden scrabble board.  One can dream…

And…I guess for some, their dream would be the basketball court/tennis court also on the property.

I’d take Scrabble any day.


One last look at the view…


I headed back north to my place…up the “Mosquito Coast”.


I stopped for a photo in a gazebo with beautiful cushions…


Gotta love this neighborhood.





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