Boogie’s Belly and a Beauty Expo in San Pedro, Belize

Yesterday I had a few things to do.  And after whining about the weather in yesterday’s post,  the grey morning turned into a pretty spectacular afternoon.

Love when that happens.

And while in town, I stopped by Boogie’s Belly (I am waiting for the t-shirts!) for lunch.  Their facebook page and their morning post lured me in…


Mmmm…sere.  Coconutty fish broth.  Such the perfect day for it. (And I’d had it there before – Whole Fish Sere with Matilda Foot.)

But when I stopped in at 1pm, the special had changed.  No fresh fish.  Fair enough.

No problem.  Taco Tuesday it is.  Pork tacos that were very tasty.  It’s all about the pickled slaw.


They also have a new sign up…meat pie protocol.  Apparently the DELICIOUS meat pies are getting so popular in the morning, that there are now rules.

Picture of meat pies so you can understand the situation.


meat pie rules

Yum…I could use some of those right now.

I was off to Banana Beach’s El Divino Restaurant for a Beauty Expo put together by Carole Goudreau.   She has a shop just south of town – and you can have hair,  nails, waxing, massage all done there.  Reminds me that I need to make an appointment…

IMG_4991Here was the line-up.


And upstairs…not sure how many times I’m going to be surprised by Christmas decorations.  Maybe time to put up my silver tinsel tree?

What?  It’s December.  GOOD LORD!


It really was a lovely set-up…rum punch or cucumber water.  A raffle for some nice prizes…


I had some seeds placed in my ears by the acupuncturist.  On my pressure points I believe.  I had a GLORIOUS sampler Thai massage.


I overheard a “positive re-enforcement card reading” and saw beautiful Betty Salazar getting her hair done…


I manhandled the pretty things from RubiMoon Boutique.IMG_4997Found a shirt I’d like to try on (stopping in today) and loved upon their bags.

A REALLY great idea.  Especially before the holidays.


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