My Under $100bzd Christmas List: Holiday Shopping in San Pedro, Belize

35 degrees on a sunny New Jersey morning, sipping my Starbucks coffee in my mom’s den, I can almost forget how horrifying yesterday’s trip to the Paramus Park Mall was.  I’ll just pop by Old Navy…take a quick flit around Bed, Bath and Beyond…Mom, I’ll be home in an hour.

Oh how living in Belize has lulled me into a stupor.

San Pedro, Belize…a place where even Santa wear a bathing suit for deliveries.

santa belize

Where Christmas decorations sway with the coconut trees.  Lights at the Phoenix Resort.

phoenix night2

Clearly, in eight NJ-winter-free years, I FORGOT what the mall…back up…not even the actual mall…THE PARKING is like in New Jersey just a few weeks before Christmas.

Let’s just use the word frenzy…

So it is with great fondness that I reminisce about my Christmas browsing in downtown San Pedro less than a week ago.  A friend and I wandered around town to find gifts, at or around $100bzd ($50US) that you go buy locally for yourself, or for your girl friend, girlfriend or wife this holiday season.  Here are a few suggestions that I came up with.


PLEASE let me know if you have any for me.  I love finding new unique things in Belize.  AND let it be known that no woman I know is going to turn down a gift certificate for a pedicure or a massage, or one from Zen Arcade (let her pick!), or for a sunset cruise on a catamaran or a three-night jaunt out to Cayo

Your suite at Sleeping Giant Lodge.

sleeping giant

…or down to Punta Gorda or just a weekend in Caye Caulker.   Trust me.

So, though I am not much of a shopper, here we go.

Belize Chocolate Boutique

I’m a giant fan of this spot, whether you are stopping in for a delicious cookie or a bon-bon or for gifts for friends.  GREAT stocking stuffers and beautiful hostess gifts for a party.  Plus, the place just smells SO delicious.  It’s a little bit of aroma therapy just stopping in.

$10bzd lip balm that is hard not to just lick off your lips.


A beautifully wrapped box of caramels.


A $30bzd tub of chocolate-y body polish.


Next stop is RubiMoon Boutique.

And while they have many beautiful things in here including some Maya Bags made in Punta Gorda (LOVE), jewelry from the Art Affair Gallery in Placencia (LOVE), super cute kids clothes…


here are my “can’t go wrong” choices.  They have some beautiful, well made scarves and sarongs.  I have been into the store 8 times trying on these silk scarves ($60bzd) – on someone…with just a white tank top or tee…they would be so casually chic.


And these beautiful hand-sequined boxes.  The set is $80bzd and the colors are Belize perfect.


I popped in the newly moved Moondancer Store.  (Here is the facebook page.)  It’s a good spot for standards like tank tops as well as some more fashion-y items.

I am a fan of these wallets – pouches for your bag.  $20bzd.  Lots of super cute colors.


Next spot is one I think about CONSTANTLY for food (especially sushi Tuesdays and Thursdays) but they also have the best merchandise in town – both quality and selection.  Here are just a few of their things…

Next cold front?  I’m SO getting one of these hoodies at Blue Water Grill.


Hoodie – $70bzd, Columbia PFG Fishing Shirt – $90bzd, Hats in a few colors – $30bzd and “I Run in Belize” NB Running Shirts, Men or Women – $50bzd.

Next shop is just inside of the very popular Fido’s Courtyard – Bar & RestaurantBelizean Arts Gallery.

They have lots of pretty things but my eyes went directly to these earrings.  All different sizes and prices between $50 and $100bzd…


…they are unique and beautiful.  And can be worn with shorts or a fancy Xmas dress.

Lastly, another favorite spot for me and one that has a different type of aromatherapy – Graniels’ Dreamland.   Woodshop therapy.

All Belizean hardwoods.  All hand made items.  Here are my holiday picks.

Cute flip flop hanger-upper-things.  And GORGEOUS heart shaped bowls in different woods and different sizes.

LOVE the almost black colored zericote wood.


Not a bad thing to keep in mind for Valentines Day too…


I will let you know, when I’m back, if I find anything else!  Still many many more days until Christmas.

Bath, Bath and Beyond and $29.99 Elf on the Shelf?  Pfffft.  Remember, in Belize, Christmas is about going slow.  And the warm weather?  And the lobster…and the…I could go on.

For a few more shop suggestions, check out this post:  Finding Great Souvenirs in San Pedro, Belize…Tough But Not Impossible.



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