New Year’s Eve In San Pedro, Belize – Options Galore to Celebrate 2014/2015

San Pedro is a bit of a party town, and this is one of the busiest times of the year, so it makes total sense that there is a TON going on here on New Year’s Eve.

Basically anywhere you go in town – and many just party hop throughout the night – there will be something.  Here are some taking place in the town center.  Even the Town Council is setting up a pretty serious bash in Central Park.

I don’t remember them doing this last year but then, this year IS an election year.  And cheap beers and music do curry favor…

And don’t forget the fireworks show at midnight.  Should be a good one.


Lola’s Pub, at the north end of front street, has been doing a fab street party for the last few years.



Always a big one at Holiday Hotel.

holiday hotel

Jaguar’s Temple Nightclub.



There is a concert event in the Old Football Field – Saca Chispas.  I have a feeling this one will be a tough sell.


Luna Loca Bar on the beach.

luna loca

OH!  And the LATE night, like you want to party while the sun is coming up party is at the LIONS’ DEN.  Right on Front Street.

For those just looking for dinner and to keep it a bit more low key…I know Casa Picasso is doing a lovely party.  But…sorry.  You are going to have to sign up for 2015/2016 – they are sold out.

I’ll still show you the information anyway.  Next year!

casa picasso

Ramon’s Village – which years ago did THE huge beach party – is doing a dinner this year.




Down south, the Brits celebrate but I bet all are invited to Island Time for the Annual Brit New Years Eve Bash.  For those who might like to celebrate the New Years a bit earlier…

island time

Kicking off the New Years celebration is our annual Brit New Years Eve party, come down and celebrate at 6pm ((12 midnight UK time).  Serving appetizers and Champers to ring in the UK New year, then the party carries on for BZ New Year with great views to town to watch the Fireworks at midnight….!!! its going to a night to remember….!!

Rain Restaurant up at Grand Caribe Resort is planning a party in Black & White…it is a beautiful rooftop.



Rojo…one gorgeous beach bar with killer food is doing a party.  And I think I will be there.  Maybe because they have the prettiest flyer?


IF I have forgotten anyone, PLEASE send me a link or a file…and I will amend.


And the next day?  I think Palapa Bar’s party sounds pretty great.

palapa bar


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