Waking Up To Rain But…YESTERDAY? It was GORGEOUS in Belize

The rainy season in Belize is not what you might picture – non-stop drowning monsoons of rain keeping the sky dark and road impassable for weeks at a time.

Whoops…I did see this picture.  Stuck on a back street last week, in a golf cart, in a giant puddle…someone’s got to get out and push?  Right?


Ok sure, we will have one three or four day period of rain (and I think we may have gotten that out of the way already- see photo above!) and it will take a while to dry out.  The back roads (like the one above) in particular.

But what I am TRYING to say is that we usually get a pretty mixed bag when the rainy season comes in earnest.  A morning of rain, an afternoon of brilliant sun.

Or one day on, one day off.  Yesterday was most certainly a day OFF.

It was absolutely gorgeous.  And so…I took a few pictures – many just north of town along the sand road/beach in the gorgeous Boca Del Rio area.



IMG_5045 IMG_5047Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop – where I am SO about to go get a brush up course on my 2007 Dive Certification.  And BIG SUP paddle boards.  A crew was gearing up to go out.  A GORGEOUS day for it.  I mean…ridiculous.

Plus, look at the cool t-shirts!  I just snagged this photo off their facebook page (link above).  I love it here too.


To the south towards Wet Willy’s Cantina.



Just behind me is the new Sandbar Hostel, Bar and Restaurant.  It looks amazing…here’s my post about it during construction in October.  They were still looking for a name.  I like that they went with what they were already known for…


Check out the website.

Wet Willy’s has a new paint job (and new owners ship as of…6 months ago?)

IMG_5058 IMG_5060

A boat delivering palm fronds – surely for some palapa work.


I saw a pretty big operation up at Rojo Beach Bar a few weeks ago.


The Phoenix Resort has their lighted trees up.  I LOVE THESE TREES.


This photo from last January.

phoenix night



Passed some fishermen cleaning and feeding the greedy birds.

IMG_5072 IMG_5073

Don’t be fooled by all this sun and sand…it’s the Christmas season for sure!

I took a photo in Central Park of the tree – and this super cute kid jumped straight up into my frame.

Love it.


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