Update On Caye Caulker’s Lazy Lizard at the Split – Land Dispute Continues

To me, this weekend…TODAY…is the official start of busy season in Belize.  These next two weeks are some of the busiest of the year.

But one of the busiest bars in the country – the Lazy Lizard at the Split on Caye Caulker is crippled by the ongoing dispute over the land and the lease…

Photo of Lazy Lizard during Caye Caulker’s Lobster Festival last June


and they are STILL without electricity and without a liquor license.

The land is owned by Dan Nichols and he has been trying to sell “The Split” for quite a while.  Here is the $2.7 USD million listing.  In August 2014, Immer Perez, who has been leasing the bar for a few years, received a 90 day notice to vacate – that the land had been sold.

But the land was NOT sold.  The owner had entered into a new partnership.   Apparently the owner refused to compensate Mr Perez for the remaining years on his lease and…Mr Perez refused to leave.

The owner had the liquor license cancelled as of November 1st.

The photos that I posted a few weeks ago, show that the land owners then had the power lines removed in the very beginning of December.


The hugely popular bar is forced to operate without music, without power and without liquor going into the busiest weeks of the year.

the split


On top of that, a week ago, the San Pedro Sun reported on the arrest of six men who were reported to have broken into the Lazy Lizard and stolen alcohol and food.  All, alledgedly, part of this land dispute.

Now this is all with the courts.

Early today I was sent this document that shows that POWER has been ordered back on.  Officially as of December 12th.  Utilities must be provided.


As of this morning?  Still no power.

I received this information from someone associated with the current lease holders at the Lazy Lizard.

So the ongoing dispute continues and Immer Perez applied for a liquor license to continue operating the Lazy Lizard bar.   On the 28th of November, Mr. Perez says that he was denied by the Caye Caulker Village Council due to the fact that there were noise complaints and that the land owner no long wants alcohol sold on his property.  A letter of appeal has been made and it’s being investigated.


Despite being cited for noise and liquor sales, “The Split” has been given a liquor license until 2am for tonight – a charity event.

The Lazy Lizard and the whole team 100% supports this event!

split ss

Yes, this is a worthy charity event.  But those granting the licenses do seem to be sending “mixed messages”.  Do they want alcohol or no alcohol?  Do they want no noise or do they want a live band until 2am?

Immer will apply for a liquor license for the upcoming year…and feels confident he will be granted one for this landmark bar.

As for me?  I just want this mess fixed!



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