Update on The Split and Lazy Lizard Bar on Caye Caulker: All Is Not Perfect in Paradise

About a month ago I wrote about the closing of the landmark Lazy Lizard Bar on Caye Caulker – the busiest and most famous bar & restaurant on the island.   “The Split at Caye Caulker:  Closed as of November 1st.  What’s Going On“.


Allegedly, the owner of the land has a new partner who wants to upgrade and take over management.  He gave the current leasee, Immer, a few months and a date to leave.  November 1st.  But Immer was only 3 years in to a 5 year lease.  And expected compensation for giving up this PRIME location early.

go slow

No compensation seemed to be coming.

So the doors were locked as of November 1st, the liquor license (in the name of the land owner) was revoked and the Lazy Lizard was closed.

The matter would go to court.

Here is the Split in the caye…

splitand the new decking that Immer and his crew, as leasees, built over the last few years.


The current leasees resolved to fight.  And they re-opened the spot – they do hold the lease! – but without a liquor license.  Crazy to see a sign like this at THE LAZY LIZARD.  Home of the super strong famed Green Lizard Juice.

the split

But apparently, the land owners are also willing to fight.  Here is what I hear:  today the owners had the electrical lines and meter removed from the Lazy Lizard.

meter meter2

And allegedly, the Caye Caulker Village Council has denied a new liquor license without a written letter from the land owner.

party on

But isn’t that what the original five year lease was about?

The saga continues!

Let’s HOPE this is resolved amicably (is that even possible now?) by Christmas and New Years!  So that our beloved Lazy Lizard can re-open serving Belikins…just like it should be.

BUT UNTIL THEN, the Lizard and the Split are open for business.  Food and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase…and there are more than a few places to buy some cold beers in the area.


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