My Year in San Pedro, All of Belize and Reasons to Visit in 2015, Part Three

Slowly but surely I am working through my blogs from 2014 and picking some of my favorite experiences.  I’ve been one lucky duck…and done some amazing things around Belize this year.

So here is Part Three and in case you missed it….Part One took me from Sanctuary Belize…


…to May’s Chocolate Festival in Punta Gorda.

Part Two took me from June’s THREE Lobsterfests to cave tubing under the Maya Mountains in August.


Time to finish this up.  Or at least try.  I’m back in San Pedro and the weather is GLORIOUS.  I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures for you today.

Okay…I’m picking up at the end of August and two nights stay at the EXTREMELY comfortable and beautiful Grand Caribe Resort.

Grand Caribe

I took a trip down to gorgeous Placencia at the end of August.

placencia 2

And went on an amazing tour – to Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve – for a bit of hiking and some river tubing and rock-sliding down the waterfalls in this HUGE park.  I didn’t see a jaguar (but didn’t expect to) but this tour is SUPER FUN.


I spent my last night on the peninsula at my favorite restaurant – Maya Beach Bistro – and sleeping at the gorgeous resort.

maya beach

Just a week later, I was attending a red carpet event for Belize’s first telenovela – La Isla Bonita Telenovela back in San Pedro.


The very next night was the last of the free 3 night Barry Bowen Belikin bash in Belize City to celebrate Belize’s 33th year of Independence.  A full access, backstage pass made it even more exciting.  Perfect way to pretend you are a rock star.


I took a one day trip back to the city for the huge Carnival on September 10th.


And then Independence Day, September 21st, I watched my favorite parade in San Pedro.  Part One and Part Two.


I followed that up with a tour of the Belikin Brewery.


October 1st marks the beginning of conch season and I wrote about my favorite ways and places to eat it.


For anyone who thinks conch is tough and/or flavorless, you are not eating it in the right spots.

That same week I headed north on Ambergris Caye.  Up by Mile 11 North- and Sapphire Beach Resort.  And the area is BEYOND gorgeous.


I then headed back down to luxurious Belize Cove Estates to watch a local cooking show being filmed.  With Jennie Staines of Elvi’s Kitchen and Chef Sean Kuylen of The Curve Bar in Sittee River, Belize.


Next to lovely Hopkins, Belize to help out with a Veterinary Clinic.  A vet from the states volunteering her time to help pets in Dangriga, Hopkins and the Cayo area of Belize.  An AMAZING experience.  Check out our whole day in Dangriga.

This girl broke my heart – the condition she was in was horrendous and yet, her tail was whacking back and forth when she saw us.


She was named Domino and stayed in Hopkins for just over a month.  We brought her up to San Pedro and Elsie (her new cow-dog name) is now recuperating, lounging and being LOVED at Rojo Beach Bar.

She has a ways to go but trust me…she is one happy girl.


She is definitely one of the very best things that happened in my year.

After eating gibnut at Chef Sean’s Curve Bar, we headed from Hopkins to Belize City – a road trip.  And went shopping for local ingredients along the way.  Like at this hydroponic lettuce nirvana…


And then the end of the month.  One of the biggest holidays in Belize when it comes to parties.  Halloween.

The Huge Party at the Holiday Hotel for adults.  Part One and Part Two.


And the very next day it was the SAGA Humane Society party for kids and pets.  Here’s the party and lots of great pictures.


Okay…well that takes me to the end of October.  I’ll hold off until the end of the year for the last “episode”.

Hope you are all having a excellent Holiday season so far.  I am super excited to be spending it down here.

Will report back.

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