Birthday Bar Hopping in San Pedro, Belize with Fin Kardashian

I am just back from a great visit with friends on the other side of Florida – in beautiful and shockingly hip St. Petersburg.   And while I spent time marveling at things like high speed internet and the pork skin crackling selections at the highway rest stops, two San Pedro dogs went in for surgery over the weekend at Hollywood Animal Hospital – one is back.  And couldn’t look any sweeter in her cone.

Awwww….Isla.  She had lots of meniscus damage, a torn cruciate and an excessive tibial plateau slope that needed fixing…


While I am away, my blog correspondent is making sure the serious news of Belize is being covered.  And weathering, it seems, a bit of rain.   Things seem to be clearing up in San Pedro but here is a report from my very own favorite, Fin Kardashian.  Doing Ambergris Caye…with a bit of attitude.

Here’s Fin:

Hello WORLD, So Christmas has passed and we are now living in a NEW YEAR so FRESH like the bloody rain.

Is it me or does mother nature need to get laid? Anyways…Want to thank every one that helped with the soup kitchen, THANK YOU sooo much!  (Check out post on Fin K’s AMAZING Christmas “Soup Kitchen”.

So I had my New Year resolution to have a Calvin Klein underwear body but JUSTIN BEIBER just RUINED it for me!

Last weekend my friend Jean had her birthday and what better idea than a KARDASHIAN Style birthday bar hopping?

Me and Jean.

YES that’s right.   How can we possibly go wrong riding around on a bikes on this Caribbean Island and me looking Kardashian-ish cute with my pink bike.
So on your mark, get my liver ready, GO!   Cause there are lots of free shots, group pictures and selfies for FIN K.  And San Pedro has TONS of bars to go hit.

All different categories from CHICAS bars to beach Bars to Pubs. Oh my.

Am I really doing this?  Yes.  Anything for my Best friend JEAN. Our Route –

Time to ride our bikes all the way to Island Time Beach Bar & Restaurant and I don’t know why but am about to have a heart attack, VODKA PLEASEEEEEEEE.

Finally we make it down South location ISLAND TIME….OMG my bum is sweating – they should make cooling underwear for these type of events.   So far its 12 of us and 13 bars to go….Cant get everyone together for our first group shot, so let me take a selfie 🙂

Did you know that a VODKA + diet coke is only 67 CALS with no SUGAR no CARBS….


Time to move to another bar – the more I drink the hotter I look!


At Rum + Bean,  our first normal GROUP selfie and Ellen DeGeneres is missing!   Thank you bartender Joe for taking this shot!

After Run + Bean, we are hype!   Mmmm now time to move to our first beach bar – the Squirrels Nest at Mata Rocks Resort.   I think we were a little bit to loud but you know anything goes.

CHUMBI (in the middle) is doing the trendy Duck lip! LOL…

Now finally a CHICAS bar ahead.   All the guys are like YAY…OMG…TURN IT UP FOR WHAT?

Rey De Todos Bar across from Marina’s Store.  Who knew?  It even has a JUKE BOX…mmmMMM with oldies like 50cent ‘In da Club”.

I can twerk to that.

 Enough with the dancing, I need some salt air for my hair.  Let’s go to the new Ambar’s Beach Bar at Caribbean Villa’s – it’s near by.
fin8 fin9
Now we have more newbies to the group the group is getting bigger.
Our Crossfit buddy Jonna is the first one down. We had Jager Shots after Shots after SHOTS and even danced to the DJ. Now I’m at the 1/2 way level on the booze – hope the bike ride helps and hopefully a little fireball later!
Now time for some street hop action to ROADKILL Bar.   From now on we only have group shots.
Booze is taking control now the FLEXING begins…..Time to hit Pedros Bar—-PIZZA and JAGER great combo. Only for the BRAVE lmao!
Finally PEDROS….
All I can say my brain is almost blurred, feels like am riding a donkey on wheels!  From here we went to Carlos and Ernies –  I missed taking pictures there since I was on a major water break.  I Am Kardashian and I need my H2O for my skin and liver.    Our route takes us to Caprice at the Holiday Hotel for some tasty and classy drinks.
Got this stunning shot of the moon for my mother blogger Rebecca!
And now to Lola’s Pub and I’m officially DRUNK…LMAO…Hungry?   NO!…can’t do double the carbs….
and guess who was at the bar when we got there – Steve, the owner! YAY!   Perhaps the best PUB in Central America and The Caribbean…This place is so warm and welcoming that you feel right at home, except when the FIREBALL hits your brain then your like UGH!

Sorry for the finger but it’s 2015 that should mean nothing unless you have been living in a cave. LOLAS ROCK!

Now Just want to make sure that when you come to visit my beautiful island that you plan a FIN Kardashian Bar Hop, its a great idea for bachelor, bachelorette, birthday and wedding Party! Its an amazing experience and its only $8.00 a day at Jo’s bike rental.

But it is not all about frivolity all the time –  I have started The Fin K Project to help the less fortunate.  I am hoping to collected used sheets, pillows and pillow cases for kids and families without…

Please msg me at 627-4789 or on Facebook at Finn J Khalipa.   Help me help those in need. Till the next one, Love FIN K!

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