A Walk on North Ambergris Caye During a Cold Front

While the Northeast US and Canada are getting a doozy of a blizzard, the weather here is just gorgeous.  The cold front swept over Belize as well…but brought cool (70s) and dry weather that has just been perfect.

I took a walk “up north” and though I would have called this area “around 5 miles north”…I walked by a marker that said 3.5.  Very confusing.  Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know exactly where I was.

Thank you.

Here are my pictures.

The Residences at Barrier Reef have gone up quickly!


The pool is now under construction.  And then moving north…

A beautiful strip of uninhabited beach just before Indigo Beach Homes.


And an old dog going for a beach walk…IMG_6428


A lovely beach house…right up my alley.


And Indigo.  There are not many stained docks on the island…in fact, I can only think of this one.  The seaweed has colored the water (temporarily) to match.


After sitting in the palapa for about 10 minutes, I was cold and had to move on.  The villas of Los Encantos.


This one type of moth?  butterfly? was out feeding in droves on a clover like flower.  Hundreds of them.  They rudely will not stay still for photographs.

IMG_6408 IMG_6405

On a related note, each year, we experience a pretty amazing few days of a huge butterfly migration.  Usually in June or July…Island Film did this short video of some of what you’ll see.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.


Another grouping of villas, these behind a wall of sawgrass.  Very pretty.

IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6400

A private home with a serious supply of coconuts.

IMG_6395 IMG_6394

A dock with a dog house.


And a sign for the only grocery store in these parts.


A stunning home with some stunning trees.


And then this place – mentioned in a blog post earlier this month: “Belize Can Make You Crazy?”


Yes…that’s John McAfee on the run from the law.  Though I’m not sure anyone was actually chasing him…IMG_6382 Pretty pink shack on the next lot north.


Just a perfect day.




Brings us right up to Rojo Beach Bar – if you want to continue northward…Mata Chica Resort up to Canary Cove – check out this post.

Over and out for another perfect day in San Pedro.

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