A Walk on North Ambergris Caye During a Cold Front

While the Northeast US and Canada are getting a doozy of a blizzard, the weather here is just gorgeous.  The cold front swept over Belize as well…but brought cool (70s) and dry weather that has just been perfect.

I took a walk “up north” and though I would have called this area “around 5 miles north”…I walked by a marker that said 3.5.  Very confusing.  Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know exactly where I was.

Thank you.

Here are my pictures.

The Residences at Barrier Reef have gone up quickly!


The pool is now under construction.  And then moving north…

A beautiful strip of uninhabited beach just before Indigo Beach Homes.


And an old dog going for a beach walk…IMG_6428


A lovely beach house…right up my alley.


And Indigo.  There are not many stained docks on the island…in fact, I can only think of this one.  The seaweed has colored the water (temporarily) to match.


After sitting in the palapa for about 10 minutes, I was cold and had to move on.  The villas of Los Encantos.


This one type of moth?  butterfly? was out feeding in droves on a clover like flower.  Hundreds of them.  They rudely will not stay still for photographs.

IMG_6408 IMG_6405

On a related note, each year, we experience a pretty amazing few days of a huge butterfly migration.  Usually in June or July…Island Film did this short video of some of what you’ll see.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.


Another grouping of villas, these behind a wall of sawgrass.  Very pretty.

IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6400

A private home with a serious supply of coconuts.

IMG_6395 IMG_6394

A dock with a dog house.


And a sign for the only grocery store in these parts.


A stunning home with some stunning trees.


And then this place – mentioned in a blog post earlier this month: “Belize Can Make You Crazy?”



Yes…that’s John McAfee on the run from the law.  Though I’m not sure anyone was actually chasing him…IMG_6382 Pretty pink shack on the next lot north.


Just a perfect day.




Brings us right up to Rojo Beach Bar – if you want to continue northward…Mata Chica Resort up to Canary Cove – check out this post.

Over and out for another perfect day in San Pedro.

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6 thoughts on “A Walk on North Ambergris Caye During a Cold Front

  1. Ruth

    Another nice blog, love the work (fun) you do immensely. A few months back you did a blog in the area of the Palapa Bar and the yellow house on the corner where it looked like they were building small cabanas in the yard. Do you have any recent pics of that area and if the main road made that bypass around Tres Cocos in that area.

    1. Belize Blog

      They are just at the bypass right now…curving back toward the house with the French flag. And…dang…just drove by those palapas yesterday…shoulda taken a picture! Will post road picture on my FB page…

      1. Paul Kowalik

        Still working actually Michelle and I are moving to England for 18 months. I took an x pat assignment with work, hopefully that will get us to the island quicker !! See ya soon

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