24 Hours at Belize’s Famed Ramon’s Village Resort: It Takes…Well…A Village

I moved to San Pedro, Belize about 8 years ago and have always lived south of town.  So if you do the math (actually…let me do it for you), I have walked by Ramon’s Village Resort a minimum of 10 times a week, for 8 years.  A MINIMUM of about 4000 times.  Along this beach.


And while I’ve been in for a couple of events, meetings and a meal or two and I knew about Ramon’s killer location, it’s almost impossible to get the real feel for a place until you stay there.

I mean…I’ve never laid in these beach chairs on what many consider the best beach in San Pedro.


Or seen the sunrise over the dock.


Or chatted with the legendary Mr. Ramon who has been a fixture around town but who is just back after a serious health scare.  You can read a bit about his fascinating life in this article on InternationalLegendsofDiving.com – born on a sailboat off the coast of Ambergris Caye as his mom was trying to get to town…the last of 14 boys…he guided Jacques Cousteau on his Belize dive trip.

He and his partners built the original Ramon’s and opened it, coincidentally, on Belize’s Independence Day – September 21, 1981.


So earlier this week, I went to check it out myself.  I spent 24 hours at Ramon’s Village and got the FULL Ramon’s experience.  Just as anyone who books a room can…

Though instead of being picked up at the air strip, my “limo” pulled up to my condo and lovely Francis (who has been working for Ramon’s for 20 years and couldn’t say enough great things about his job) jumped out to grab my bag.


After the (too) short ride, I checked in to my room.  Unlike some spots, where the room could be anywhere, here at Ramon’s, you know you are in Belize.


I usually don’t like “towel art” but I found the exception.  Super pretty.


My own little kitchenette – as IF I’d be doing any meal preparation…

IMG_6022and my favorite part of it – this Ramon’s bottle opener.


Outside, the dive center – an impressive operation that is bustling at 6am and lots of trips going out all day long.


IMG_6083That’s the thing about Ramon’s – it is a FULL service resort. The staff of 76 (SEVENTY SIX!) is ready to greet you at every turn.   When I woke up to see the sunrise, two guys were already raking the beach.  They keep this stretch of beach immaculate.

Early morning!


At 6am, the entire fleet of waiters (that all work together as a team) were waiting to serve coffee.   The gardners tending to every tree and flower.

IMG_6132There is a lovely spa on the beach where I had an incredible hot stone massage that left me a puddle on the table.

There is a massive restaurant for those staying at the resort and anyone who wants to visit.  I had two delicious meals not inside…


but out on the lovely beach side patio.

Really REALLY tasty, beautifully cooked lobster BBQ.  And only $40bzd?  I thought this was a pretty good deal.  And I love the tiki salt and pepper.

IMG_6087 IMG_6094My water glass was never even close to empty and it’s lovely chatting with the waiters about my day…

And the pool was looking beautiful that night.


The amazing HUGE staff that takes care of everything…a dive shop, great restaurant and gorgeous beach all on property…the other huge plus about Ramon’s Village is the location.  Just south of town, you are within walking distance of just about everything San Pedro has to offer.  The great restaurants like Blue Water Grill and Wild Mango’s…a fancy wine & cheese shop. Wine De Vine, across the street where you can go for a cheese platter or the Friday evening wine social with island residents…out dancing at Fido’s.  You’ve got so many options.   Total resort so you never have to leave…but shopping, restaurants and bars if you have the urge.

Not bad.




I was on the second floor of this palapa.


This place is a machine…apparent when we had the huge sargasso seaweed influx a few weeks ago.  And Ramon’s employees – from my limo driver to the kitchen staff were out on the beach raking and hauling so that the beach would be perfect by breakfast.

Even more apparent after last year’s fire (was it REALLY just last year?) and the entire place was rebuilt in just a few months.  Miraculous really.  (For all the posts on the fire and the construction, check the listings below.)

And I wanted to stay another night…or 10.

I was chatting with Einer, the General Manager/great guy, as I was check out and waiting for my driver Francis.  He asked me what I thought of Ramon’s…


Like?  Well…the location for sure and the beach and the view from my hammock.


But it’s the staff – incredibly friendly, working together as a team and really proud of the resort – that make the place.  In town…but separate…it’s like an oasis…no that’s not the word…an island?  Not really.

Einer helped me out:  It’s like a village.

Duh.  Exactly.

For all the information on Ramon’s Village, check out their website.  And if you didn’t click on the article about Mr Ramon above, do it.  SUPER interesting history and lovely guy.  Great to see him up and about again.


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