Scoop…You’re Not in Belize Anymore

I do love waking up (almost) every morning and tell you about the events in San Pedro and all of Belize but today…today I am in Miami.    And I have been for 2 days now…after helping carry two dogs to Hollywood Animal Hospital for knee surgery.  Surgery that they couldn’t have in Belize.  Boat to Ladyville, Belize, short taxi ride to the Belize International Airport, dogs in the hold and then to the hospital.

My travel partner isn’t winning any spelling bees…


Here is what I’ve learned so far about Hollywood, Florida.  They have a gorgeous Whole Foods Supermarket packed with fruits and veggies and cheeses and olives and…oh my.

IMG_5805 IMG_5808 IMG_5809 IMG_5811

Pre-chopped veg.  Want an omlette?  Buy the container marked as such and…dump in.  Genius for the oh so lazy cook…


There is also a HUGE beach here – and weather just about the same as Belize.


Where the grocery store sells bait!


And this little spot, open until 4am, sells the most delicious burgers EVER.


And there is plenty of Miami style kitsch.  Reminds me a bit of the old NJ boardwalks…


but it’s more of a promenade than a classic wooden boardwalk and from what I can tell, almost all of the strollers are European…


Sargasso seaweed here on the lovely HUGE beach.


A pretty night.

IMG_5820So for the next few days…I’ll be sharing some guest posts and some posts about the Sunshine State and then…it’s back to the business of the scoop.

Hope you are having a great weekend.



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