My Year in San Pedro, All of Belize & the Reasons to Visit in 2015, A WRAP UP!

Happy 2015!  Let’s start it with a clean slate and end of this 2014 wrap-up that I’ve been dragging out over the past month?  Maybe more?

Part One finished at May’s Chocolate Festival in the South of Belize, Part Two from Lobster Mania in June (three Belize lobster festivals) to Cave Tubing in the Maya Mountains…


Part Three took me up to the many Halloween parties in San Pedro.

Two more months.  Easy.  Let’s wrap it up.  Starting with actual Halloween day.  And doing Crossfit in costumes.  Eeek.  Not something I’d like to repeat.

crossfitThe very next day I headed to Belize City for the BTB’s 3rd Annual Craft Fair – with art and vendors from all over the country.  Including beautiful butterfly wing art.  No butterflies were harmed in the making…


I took an hour tour of the Museum of Belize.  If you haven’t been, it is well worth it.  It’s housed in the beautiful but slightly scary old Belize prison.


I then posted about the shocking (to me) news that the Lazy Lizard at the Split in Caye Caulker was closed.  Hearing both sides of this story…I am now very confused…

They are now open but without electricity and without alcohol.  The matter is in the courts…


I next headed down to Placencia for the weekend…love it there.  And ran into the Junior Sailors racing at the Tipsy Tuna (a beach bar that had just received a pretty new make-over).


On the way back from Placencia, I ate at Maya Beach Bistro OF COURSE…here is the Lobster Bread pudding…


I stopped in Hopkins for just a night.  I think I truly found my love of the village for the first time.


Just a few days later I went for an overnight at the fabulous Belize Zoo – for Panama the Harpy Eagle’s birthday party.  Of course!  I also got to pet pretty Happy the Barn Owl.


Stay overnight at the zoo…the night tour is incredible.  And the lodging and area are great.

night tour

November 19th is Garifuna Settlement Day – and this year I went to the small dawn re-enactment in San Pedro.  For the full blown bash, I SO recommend Punta Gorda.  I was there in 2013.

garifunacutieI went “Urban” bird watching with the Audobon Society in San Pedro one early Saturday.  And saw a surprising amount of birds.  Who knew?birds

OMG.  December started out with a backstage/all access pass to the HUGE SEAN PAUL CONCERT in Belize City.  I probably lost a few Facebook followers that week – way overtalking about my love of Sean and browbeating anyone who hadn’t heard of him.

Sorry.  But it was WORTH IT!


And then, as if I wasn’t feeling VIP enough, I took my first ride on a helicopter.  Astrum Helicopters from Victoria House to Rojo Lounge/Azul Resort.  Holy awesome.

Though I don’t think you can quite make out how nervous I was…




A few days later, San Pedro brought back on of our best events – the Holiday Lighted Boat Parade.  Full moon and everything.


And Placencia held their 3rd annual End of the World Marathon.

the pic

And just a week or two later, flights landed at “Placencia International Airport” but…don’t get too excited YET.


I took a tour of some of the Christmas lights of San Pedro to get in the holiday spirit.


And then helped out at an AMAZING community event on Christmas Day – serving Christmas dinner and a LOAD of donated toys and gifts to people in need.  Proud of my blogger son Findley.


What a crazy amazing awesome year.  One of my best ever for sure.  Thank you guys so much for following along.

Time to get started on 2015 – and I’ve already got some plans.  I need to tell you about an AMAZING surprise proposal that happened last week – I was part of the ruse designed by my friends and photographers at Conch Creative


…I want to revisit Tranquility Bay Resort SOON, Turneffe Atoll and the Blue Hole, I want to visit Punta Gorda and the far south again, I want to do the ATM Cave, spend a bit more time in Cayo.  Still so much to do and update in San Pedro…

So much to do.

Have a Happy Happy Healthy New Year…bring on 2015!

Oh wait…it’s already here.


(The new sign at Blue Water Grill.)


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