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Launch Party for Belize’s Tiburon Rum Has Everyone Dressed in White and A Surprise Guest

Yesterday I dressed all in white.  No, I was not going to hang at P. Diddy’s Hamptons Crib.  And no, I was not attending a San Pedro High School get-together (poor kids’ uniforms are all white!)…I was invited to the Tiburon Rum Launch Party at the lovely Red Ginger Restaurant at the even lovelier Phoenix Resort.  Dress code  (a term you see very rarely in Belize):  All White.


I arrived early, as I always do, to take lots of pictures.  Daylight is my friend.


So early in fact that I took a walk over to the old Wet Willy’s (now Di V’u Restaurant) to check out the set-up for the Tiburon After-Party.  I had not really been in since new owners took over and it has cleaned up quite a bit.  Replacing dirty t-shirts and undies with lanterns.

Nice touch.  I must try them out.

IMG_7804 IMG_7811

And I like the pretty outside lights.


Clouds?  We haven’t seen them in weeks…it’s been sun all sun.  But we were asking for it…right?  Wearing all white, we were practically begging for rain.

I made my way back to the Phoenix and ran into…JOHNNY DEPP!?!?!  and some Mayan ladies.


Okay…yes…OBVIOUSLY false alarm but this guy was good.  Not only the costume, wig, make-up but the accent and mannerisms.  I knew I would be taking many many pictures of Captain Jack.

And that I would be eating many of the beautiful party chocolate made by my favorite chocolatiers in Belize – Kakaw/Belize Chocolate Company.


Amazing Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp impersonator.   Tiburon brought him down from Chicago to play the part.


Here he is with Basil DeStefano, the creator of Tiburon Rum.  The newest rum in Belize’s Traveller’s Rum line-up.  Different…very different…in that it is aged in Kentucky whiskey barrels for years before bottling.


Basil lives in the states and met Donna (part of the Traveller’s family) on a plane…and a concept was born…

Check out the Tiburon website.  It’s pretty snazzy.

IMG_7796And now for some pictures of the party…

Gary of Tropic Air and Ben from Island Films.


Zucchini cups with salsa…tempting but NO!  I’m wearing all white.  The appetizers all night were absolutely delicious.  I’m so headed back to Red Ginger for coconut shrimp.  Best I’ve had on the island.


Steve Schulte of Tropic with Basil.  Steve declared the rum “Traveller’s best yet!”


Trevor of Lola’s Pub, Marisa and her husband, Kristian of Diamante Beachfront Suites.  (Adding a pop of color to the party.)


Mel Paz and Miguel of Travellers.


Donna, who met Basil on that plane ride, and Dominic.


Adam of Casa Picasso and Lynn from Imagine Tours.  With faux-Johnny.


And lovely Jen of The Phoenix Resort and Joanna of Island Films.


Phew!  It’s tough naming everyone!

Check out Tiburon’s website for the distributors in the US and Puerto Rico and in the UK.  Last year, their first year, they entered 9 rum competitons and won awards at all.

The party was most definitely a success and so was the rum.  Ask for it at local bars and restaurants in San Pedro and see what you think.


I mean…how could you go wrong?  Johnny Depp likes it.  And after a rum or two, I think he had most people believing he was the real deal.

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  1. FJL

    I had a chance to talk to the famous pirate at Fido’s… he was happy it was so cool last night with the outfit and makeup. Well, another excuse to have some rum! 🙂

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