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Carnaval in San Pedro With Fin Kardashian Means Paint and SELFIES!

Fin no longer needs any introduction and there is no one better to send out into the field when the town of San Pedro, Belize is going to come alive with color, glitter and cross-dressing.  Carnaval!  The final celebration before lent begins.  Here’s our little monster – Fin Kardashian.


So this weekend was Carnaval in San Pedro – which means Carnival or Mardi Gras in other places – and to me FUN and VODKA.  I did not miss out on it.

Carnaval is celebrated all around the world but the world needs to know that WE do it in San Pedro.  There is a little feather and a little glitter but there are more PAINT and EGGS…which makes it way BETTER!  I mean who doesn’t like to look like the cover of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP.

(Cover provided by SanPedroScop who was left a total blank by that Fin-reference…)


It’s also a good times for the uglyful to look cute.  I’m just saying.  Men dress up like women and sing on the street for charity…women dress up too and dance.  The fun started Sunday to Fat Tuesday and history has it that it was celebrated back in the 1490s in the Netherlands.

Makes me think Wikipedia is an old lady.  Now…picture time!

Let the fun begin…


Front Street and Middle Street were PACKED.  Thousands of people came out to celebrate.  The tradition is alive!

fc3 fc4fc5

There was a DJ giving the crowd a nice time…


And me?  I ended up looking like this.


Miss Carnaval doing her thing on stage.


And my final look for the night.  I had to cover up my hair so they would let me on the boat.


Well hope you enjoyed all the selfies.  I don’t like much attention LOL but yeah…it’s hard to look good.  Sometimes it hurts.  Carnval is a fun time.  People love it, people hate it.  It’s a tradition and I remember it from a kid.  It will never end.

Please!  If you come for it next year, make sure to shield your hair and skin with baby oil!   It makes a 3 hour shower only 40 minutes.  Que Viva El Carnaval!


-Fin Kardashian


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