Caye Caulker Weekends Kardashian Style!‏

There has been much back and forth – rumors galore – around the Lazy Lizard at the Split in Caye Caulker.  I’ve written a handful of blogs about the saga (take a look just after this post.)   Electricity removed, liquor license revoked, closed down for a few weeks, open but not serving alcohol and now OPEN!   Though the original renters are still running the place and the matter is in court.

Our own Finn K. has been visiting a few times over the past couple weeks and reports back on the situation.  Not so much the legality but living the fabulous life at the Lazy Lizard.

HELLO WORLD!  Rumor finally made it to the Rojo Beach Bar that the Lazy Lizard is OPEN!   (Check out our mention in’s Best Restaurant’s in Belize!)   OMG, we gots to go parteeee!  Lizard juice makes me want to come to Caye Caulker so we went last Sunday, the Sunday before last and last last last Sunday before that Sunday.

Did I tell you Monday is the new Sunday?  Because we even went on Monday and had a blast!  All I need is some good lobster, drinks, great friends, EYE CANDY hotties at the split.  THAT’S what makes a perfect Sunday.

Champagne selfie the night before.  I hope my head doesn’t hurt manana.


Finally Caye Caulker – La Isla Carinosa.


Caye Caulker is so silent…so still, you can smell my Paco Rabanne cologne all the way to the split.  Tejejejejeje.  But first things first.  I am the realest in my Iggy Azalea head.   LMAO.

The first thing you need to do is visit Lee Vanderwalker at Caribbean Colors Art Caye Caulker for a fine double espresso shot to wake me up.  The store has some cool islandy art work with awesome cookies too.


Time to stroll the lazy white sandy beaches as there is a lot of fun waiting ahead.  FINFUN that is!



Bumped into the Humane Society and no, I cannot get another dog – Viv and Jeff would kill me.  (There are already 8 up at Rojo.)   I mean, if I do the cute face, I can get away with everything.  Hmmmm….it could work but next time.  But if you are here make a stop drop them a dollar it won’t hurt your wallet, BE HUMANE!!



So let’s keep walking.  We stopped at Sobre Las Olas to grab to-go food.  OMG delish.  This lobster club is out of this world.


Finally the SPLIT.  Let’s get DRUNKABLE.

fin9 fin10

Remember Ditcher Dan who ditched me in Central America?  Well…here he is.


Cute girl So beachy!  She knew who I was and came by to say hi.  Blushed.


Time to jump in to SOBER UP.  Hate the waltzing feeling of the water taxi.


The sun came up looking like this.


Finally sunset.  And time to go home for the 4th Sunday + one Monday – all in just one month.  Caye Caulker for the day is a MUST if you are in San Pedro.  30 minute water taxi ride and you are there easy.   Make sure to bring along cologne, Hairspray, comb, sunscreen, cash and a big towel.   You got to look Kardashianish at least.   I will leave you with a sunset shot.  Adios.


Remember to be cute, be merry and drink VODKA.  XOXO FIN K.




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