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A Gorgeous Day in Caye Caulker + A Liquor-Less Lazy Lizard in Its Last Days

Yesterday, I hopped aboard the 1pm San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi to Caye Caulker for two reasons…well three.  1.  I had an appointment to tour a new nature park opening on the barely touched north end of the caye.  2.  To interview a young mother and author.  And 3.  To enjoy one GORGEOUS afternoon walking around and checking out what’s new.

It’s a relatively small island so I returned on the 5:15 water taxi to San Pedro.  All three tasks accomplished (though I have some follow-up work to do on #1 and #2).  So let me show you some of the pictures I took while walking around the caye.

You ABSOLUTELY must take a day trip over if you are vacationing in San Pedro.  I just love it.

Taking off from the San Pedro dock.

IMG_8105And arriving in Caye Caulker.

IMG_8110 IMG_8111

I followed the sign to Il Pelicano – a new restaurant I’ve heard great things about.  But they are only open for dinner.

IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8115Cute.  I’ll be back.

I took a walk down Middle Street to find some lunch.


And stopped into Meldy’s…a favorite for local food.  I love the flowers and the pink and green explosion inside.IMG_8118 IMG_8119

And my view across the street.IMG_8121Tasty stewed chicken with plenty of gravy.  $8bzd.



And then back to walking about.


I had to stop and try this.  I love ginger and this was fiery hot with it.  And tempered with maybe honey or brown sugar?  Delicious.

IMG_8123 IMG_8124

A beautiful day.

IMG_8125 IMG_8155IMG_8129 IMG_8130

Dolls and lobster traps.  The season will re-open June 15.


And then the Split…looking perfect.

IMG_8142 cc3

And the “bar” at the Lazy Lizard.  The current renters lost their court case, their liquor license and will be out of the bar by the end of month.  Tomorrow.  (See the article in the San Pedro Sun.)  Now we need to see what new management will do.

IMG_8146IMG_8148 IMG_8151

I walked back towards the village.  There is a new cement building (a supermarket, I hear) going up next to Cooper’s Art Gallery.


Down south a bit farther is the outdoor movie theater.  Two business have opened on either side of it.  The new Bondi Bar looks pretty chic.  (These bloggers wrote an article:  10 Best Things To Do on Caye Caulker – and included the Bondi Bar & the theater.)


And on the other side, a French bistro and creperie.


On to my other two tasks…

A few hours later I was passing by the Lazy Lizard once again – but this time by boat.

IMG_8200And then on the 5:15pm water taxi back to San Pedro.  The sun setting over North Caye Caulker…


And over San Pedro town as we pulled in 20 minutes later.






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8 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day in Caye Caulker + A Liquor-Less Lazy Lizard in Its Last Days

  1. Amy

    After following the link to the San Pedro Sun and reading about the Lazy Lizard situation, I also read about the unfortunate events happening in the San Pedrito area on AC. Exactly where is that part of town? My husband and I are returning to the island this month and I want to
    avoid it.

    1. Belize Blog

      It’s the area behind the airstrip…so west and what would be considered a “locals area”. It doesn’t really have restaurants or touristy bars and I don’t think I visited the area until I visited a friend a few years into living here. I guess I’m saying it’s not an area you’d accidentally stumble upon 🙂

      1. Amy

        Thanks. So many wonderful places to go in SP and we have never felt the least bit unsafe on our daily walks north or south. The Blue Tang is our home away from home and I can’t wait to get there!

  2. Don C. Lafleur

    We have our wedding on Caye Caulker on April 4th (easter weekend). Do you think the Lazy Lizard will be open and selling liqour by then?

    1. Belize Blog

      I’m pretty sure of it..other than Good Friday which is liquor-less country wide. Someone will be running the lizard then…they’d be crazy not to that weekend!

      1. Don C. Lafleur

        Yeah that is what I figured. Oh yeah i forgot about no booze on good friday. That’s ok with me. I will be nice and clearheaded for the wedding saturday morning and for pics lol . Thanks for the info

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