Belize’s 2nd Annual Harley-Davidson Rally: Bikers Parade in Belize City & Then Party in Caye Caulker

Last year, a couple hundred bikers from the US, Mexico and Central America met in Belize, rode out to Old Belize & “Cucumber Beach” on the edge of Belize City and had a big party.  I almost accidentally happened to be there and it was one of the crazier things I’ve seen in this country.  Totally unexpected and totally awesome.

bikers mex

You can check out more of the scene last year in this Belikin Stout commercial.  Is that the same guy?

One of the very best parts of these rallies is that all the ladies and guys that I met are amazingly friendly, SUPER excited to be in Belize and spending money – hotels, eating and drinking.  What is not to love?

And after watching the first 5 seasons of “Sons of Anarchy” over this past year – MCs are just the coolest thing ever.  GREAT show.

This one, the 2nd annual “Meet in the Middle” Rally, was organized even bigger and better.  A whole weekend of parties and revving motorcycles.  In Belize.  A country where you can probably count the number of Harleys on your fingers and maybe one foot.

mutinyI arrived in Belize City just as the parade around the city was getting started.  This guy waved me over to sit on the back of his bike and I…moved too slowly.  DANNNNNGGGGGG IT!

IMG_7201I took a quick look at some of the bikes before they took off.  The Princess Hotel was full, there were tents pitched in Hour Bar field (how often do you think people camp in downtown Belize City?) and there were kids with their dads standing in groups all around the city.




IMG_7200 IMG_7198 IMG_7197 IMG_7203I was meeting guys from all over Mexico – Campeche, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico City, Monterrey…people from Honduras and Guatemala…

And then I realized that I dropped my wallet getting out of my taxi about 15 minutes earlier.  And I ran around town and…well…wallet gone.  It was time for me to rally.

And take some pictures of the parade.

IMG_7205 IMG_7210

I can’t imagine better weather.  Warm and dry.  Perfect for black leather.  And you can’t say that very often in the tropics.


I circled back to the Princess Hotel and ran into some of the Belizean biker babes ready for the beach party on Caye Caulker.


Time to load on the water taxis and make our way to Caye Caulker.  Show the visiting bikers a bit more of this beautiful country and spread the love.

IMG_7232 IMG_7235

I followed these guys on board.  (One must hitch a ride when they have no money)

Fringed chaps!


A boat full of rowdy chanting bikers…until the boat really got going and then…

IMG_7241 IMG_7243 IMG_7247

And about 45 minutes later we were pulling into the Split at Caye Caulker…



Just the most gorgeous day.

IMG_7261 IMG_7265

unloading bikes

Three huge boats of bikers didn’t phase the sunbathers at all.

IMG_7272 IMG_7273

bikersAnd some of the bikers joined them.


I met this lovely couple who had ridden down (for the second year) from Los Angeles.  According to his vest, he has at least 200,000 Hog Miles.


I sat next to a pair from Minnesota.  These two eating under an umbrella were from Mexico City.



Lots of people took a walk around the island.   A very busy day in Caye Caulker.



A couple from Honduras enjoying some shade and some Belikin beers and the scenery.


IMG_7279IMG_7283IMG_7320IMG_7289 IMG_7310Time for me to head home with some borrowed cash.


With an estimated 500 bikes attending this year’s rally from as far away as Alberta, Canada and Panama and over 500 locals joining the party at Hour Bar, Belize City on Friday night, this event can only be called a massive success.

NEXT YEAR I’m SO riding in that parade.

Check out the organizing MC, the Belize City Black Pearls on Facebook for lots more information.




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