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Monday on Ambergris Caye, Belize – What’s New?

Yesterday was a holiday in the states – President’s Day – many kids are off from school and families on vacation.  In San Pedro, it was day two outta three of our unique Carnaval.  (Read lots more about the holiday here.)  And the island feels super busy.

Sunday afternoon kids were out on the beach and the front street painting each other and jumping in the water.  Adult joined in yesterday and today, Tuesday, is the finale…


I ran into two of the comparsas groups.  This one dressed as hippies and dancing…super cute.

IMG_7547 IMG_7550

This morning, the town clock was wrapped and didn’t have too much paint on it yet.


The stage in Central Park was ready for Monday night and Tuesday night’s concerts and parties.

sweet pain

I was headed up to Grand Caribe Resort for a meeting and taking the water taxi north, the Coastal Xpress.

What a gorgeous day.


The gas station was busy as I waited for my 12:30 boat.


I boarded and was dropped off at the resort less than 10 minutes later.  A boat had just returned from a serious deep sea fishing trip.


Fish were being cleaned and pelicans were flocking in for scraps.


The guys are doing an AMAZING job with the sargasso that really started coming in again these past few days.


Afterwards, I walked south back to town.  It’s only about a mile and a half with plenty of pretty places to stop.

Ak’Bol Yoga Resort.


And on of my very favorite houses closer to the Palapa Bar.

IMG_7581The famous Palapa Bar and the land attached to it have recently been purchased and I saw this ALARMING sign!

The website isn’t working yet…


4 Story Resort?  In front of this rustic beauty that was PACKED yesterday?


Sigh…is it wrong to hope that once I got here…and settled…that all progress stops?

Just one block back from the Palapa Bar, at the turn off to the beach, is the new DayDreamin’ Bed and Breakfast.  It’s looking pretty cute…

IMG_7587 IMG_7588
As is the coffee shop…Marbucks.  Not open yet.IMG_7589
Here is their website in the making.

I continued south to torment some ospreys.

I spotted Mama and some chicks in this nest over the water and was just trying to get a closer look.  Just to say hi.


Not a welcoming look.


And then the angry dad started screaming and I moved along swiftly.


I passed the old Jolly Roger’s Bar now renamed.  Not my favorite sign.


A friend on a moped pulled over and gave me a lift over the bridge…about half a mile in all.  To beautiful Boca Del Rio.  My very favorite road in town.


I was reminded to stop by Wayo’s Bar for breakfast.  I’m hearing great things about these bagels…


And then I ran into a super cute cat on the beach.  Dogs are everywhere in San Pedro but cats?  Especially friendly ones are fairly rare.  They haven’t been embraced as family pets quite like dogs have.


To wrap up my Monday I watched a new TV show on the Travel Channel called “Booze Traveler”.  Yesterday’s premier episode was filmed in Belize last September and I loved it.  They stayed in Belize City and south and visited some amazing spots.

Tasting rum, bitter, fruit wines (we have plenty…)

Wine types

Maya chocolate liquor, Chocolate stout, seaweed and even a hangover cure in Hopkins with Chef Sean Kuylen.   The show made Belize look absolutely beautiful.

If you watched it, let me know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Monday on Ambergris Caye, Belize – What’s New?

  1. Alaina

    Lol no one likes that sign! Apparently the owners that changed the name and are responsible for the sign moved back to the states for family reasons. The original jolly roger owners are taking over the bar duties again. We’re staying very near there and the bartender filled us in.

  2. TarheelBornGal

    Would have loved to have seen that show on the Travel Channel, but we don’t get it here. 🙁 Love the new bed & breakfast — how cute. Hate the idea of a 4-story resort right by the Palapa bar. Keep us posted!

  3. Susan Watts

    Progress or regress? Hate the idea of a 4 story resort by the Palapa Bar also, but I do like the cute little B&B behind it. If they really want to progress – get rid of the all the ugly trash dumps and piles that are littering Isle Bonita!

  4. miranda

    I thought there was some kind of ordinance that nothing could be built over three stories? No one wants a sky scrapper on the island! That’s why I get away from NY!

    1. Belize Blog

      It was upped to four stories…maybe 7 or 8 years ago? Poor Placencia has NO ordinances…there are plans in Maya Beach…PLANS ONLY…for 7 or 8 story buildings. No bueno to me.

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