What’s New In Placencia, Belize & Fantastic Meals at Maya Beach Bistro: Part Two

In yesterday’s post I obsessed, slightly, about the gorgeous food that I ate in Maya Beach Belize…at the Maya Beach Bistro.

Here is a selfie I took walking from Belize Ocean Club to The Bistro.  Gorgeous weather.


And then walking back on the beach.


I even took bagels and the AMAZING cinnamon bun to go. Their bakery turns out some really tasty things…the baguettes are as good as I’ve eaten anywhere.


Dozen bagels with onions and black sesame seeds.  Apparently there is a shortage of white ones in Belize right now!


The bagels rode home with me on the bus.  The cinnamon bun didn’t last very long.

SO…onward.  I did explore more of the peninsula while I was down south.  My friend Wende took me on a bit of a tour of what’s new around the area.  We hit a few spots.   And here are the pictures.

We first stopped in Singing Sands in Maya Beach.  Not a new place but new to me!   And beyond this sign is absolutely gorgeous.  I had no idea.  I SO need to visit the restaurant at night.  With the trickling fountains, the lush jungle atmosphere and all the hanging lamps…I bet it is beautiful.


IMG_7014 IMG_7016 IMG_7019


Next stop Fusion Beach just outside Placencia Village proper.

I’d stopped by in November…and they were fully under construction.  Tiling the pool…


Here is what it looks like now.  Open and seemingly doing quite well.  It’s looking fantastic.


And that area above under construction?  Now a spot for lounging and enjoying the killer view.


And the pool area.  A bar/restaurant with a pool is just the best thing ever.

IMG_7029 IMG_7031

More best thing ever?  These hammock/catamaran inspired lounge areas.  What a great idea.


Ahhh!!!! I’m running out of time!  I’m going to need to drag this into a three parter.  Bear with me!  I did actually make it down into the village.  Stayed tuned.



And the Arts and Music Festival is coming up soon in Placencia.  I went down last year for the event and to ALMOST see Chelsea Handler at the Tipsy Tuna!  Super fun.

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