Dateline NBC Is Back in Belize For An Update on John McAfee – Ugh

“Dateline – Belize:  The Real Blacklist” – the commercials/previews are already showing on NBC for the update on John McAfee and his time in Belize.   And the NBC crew has been on the island this past weekend to film parts of the updated episode that will be airing this Thursday.   mcafeeFor those who missed the first episodes, they aired on NBC and the show “Dateline” just over 2 years ago…

Trouble in Paradise, Part One to Four

“Belize, a tiny country in Central America, is the kind of tropical paradise everyone dreams of. But when Greg Faull moved there from Florida last year he never suspected that he was about to have a confrontation with an eccentric neighbor.”

We all know the story.  We all have our thoughts on what happened.  Even Dateline’s last updates left (at the very least) one pretty suspicious of McAfee’s role in the murder of Greg Faull.

What could they possibly be updating?  More interviews with crazy pants himself?  That surely will not make Belize look good.  Nothing looks good when you interview someone that cocky and that paranoid.  It’s a frightening combination.

He is most recently in Tennessee, fully armed and fully obsessively paranoid and sporadically appearing as some sort of correspondent on Fox news.

Update on John McAfee:  He is still batshit crazy and DYING for attention.

Sigh…I hate to even post on this but I’ve been getting quite a few messages about the commercials that are playing on NBC.  I guess we have to wait until then.  Thursday night 8pm ET – 6pm in Belize.

I wonder if they’ll be watching it at the (in my opinion) very tackily named “John’s Escape” Bar at a new resort up north.  Built on land that McAfee allegedly still owns a stake in…


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