What’s New Around San Pedro: Pou’s Cevecheria, A New Waruguma Location, Super Buy Becoming MEGA Buy and More…

There seems to be quite a bit of construction going on in San Pedro.  Two days ago, I took a quick walk around…just a bit north of town and then down the Back Street.  Here’s some of what I saw:

A new concrete building is going in just north of the round-about next to one of my favorite spots, Annie’s Pastries.  Home of my favorite cheese, chicken and lobster dip.


Classic stick construction.

Now let’s head south turning left on Middle Street past this new Smoothie spot.  I hear the Green Smoothie with Kale is delicious.IMG_9020

There are quite a few fruit spots on the Back Street….


Across from this one is the new Waruguma.  Now on the Middle Street but moving…

(The current location…)


Now here.



Just a bit farther south, a second floor has been put on this Chinese fast food place.


And the front gate (you can see a construction worker’s shadow standing by it in the picture above.)

Pou’s Ceviche Bar.  They have a facebook page.


And a logo.


I chatted with Ian Pou, the owner, and he said they plan to be open Wednesday.  Less than a week!


A pretty cool view and a giant space.


The view up to Middle Street and Coral Cable – with all the satellite dishes.  IMG_9030And this sign!  I didn’t even see it until now.  A new spot?


So much new, so little time.

On the same block is Super Buy…which has now almost doubled in size with a new addition just north.


Inside is a huge walk in freezer and tons of room.  This is going to be the new Wholesale area…


The next phase of construction is the lot behind Superbuy…where the old Milo’s stood (on Middle Street).  Though only walled off right now, construction should begin as soon as this wholesale area is completely.

Here is the lot.


The section is going to be for produce, meats and seafoods.  Holy Super Buy!

I walked to the Front Street to head back home.  Passing this lot – formerly an old wooden house, now a lot for sale.


And saw, across from Fido’s, this new hotel.  Hotel Ocean Paradise.  In the building where I used to get my passport stamped when I first arrived in town.

IMG_9040 IMG_9041

I can’t find a website for them…

So there you have it.  Change.

As Tony Robbins put it:  “Change is inevitable, progress is optional”.  Not sure exactly how that applies but I like it.  So I’ll put it out there.

Have an excellent day 🙂


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