A Shift in Weather and Big Boats Arrive On Ambergris Caye For Easter

Over the weekend, the wind switched to  the North and we’ve been getting clouds and RAIN!  Rain during the day on Sunday – it feels odd this time of year.

A weather blip in this usually dry time.  Yesterday was a pretty mix of clouds and sun…so I took a walk to town.  And some photos.

The Junior Sailors were bobbling beneath a darkening cloud.

IMG_9126I walked just a few hundred yards north and ran into the sun and the beach clean-up.  The wind shift has brought in some more sargasso.

IMG_9129Dark to the south…


Sun to the north.


I was a bit focused on South…dark menacing clouds are so much more photogenic.




Some guys shaking sargasso out of a net.IMG_9137

A look down Front Street.IMG_9141Kids are out of school for at least two weeks and lots were playing in the ocean.


There is a serious slew of yachts at Amigos Del Mar dock – all Guatemalans, I hear, on Easter holiday.



These boats used to park at the Belize Yacht Club for Easter…here is a picture in 2012.  And a few more in this post.


Here are some pictures from yesterday.  Aren’t the cloud beautiful?



I followed these yachters out to the dock…


Crews in uniform were busy polishing and swabbing.  How do you keep an anchor shining?  It ain’t easy.

IMG_9152 IMG_9153

I may have taken about 8 too many pictures but the clouds?  The gleaming boats?  It was just so pretty…IMG_9154 IMG_9156 IMG_9159 IMG_9161 IMG_9165Easter is a time to party – for sure.  Here’s a post about what to expect from the holiday in San Pedro.  But…if you are looking for a bit more…religious flair – Wing’s Store has these offerings.

IMG_9170I don’t remember the story about Mary and her crystal ball…






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