My Yesterday: Winds, A Dog Training Cruise, Croc Hunting and A Pupusa

Yesterday the sun and the relatively high winds continued.   “The Easter winds” or “The March/April Blow” – the late Spring is usually pretty blustery and warm in Belize.  Perfect for our kite boarder from yesterday’s post


and equally nice if you are taking a walk around town.  No one in the hot sun ever cursed a cooling breeze.

At lunch time yesterday (STRICT NOON IN BELIZE) I walked down the beach to Island Time Bar to watch a bit of dog training.

It’s just past beautiful Victoria House where the usually clear blue waters were a slightly muddy brown due to the high winds.

IMG_9772IMG_9777 IMG_9817

Heather Beck, who is on the board of our local humane society and the founder of K9 Lifeline AND was featured on House Hunters International – Belize, is a dog trainer.  And this past week, she has been leading an Education at Sea Cruise with Royal Caribbean.

The cruise started in Galveston, Texas, docked in Roatan, Honduras and yesterday stopped in Belize City.  Heather and 40 of her trainers in training hopped aboard a charter boat to Ambergris Caye for lunch, to meet the SAGA Humane Society board and volunteers and help train some of our local potlickers.

Oh…and Kevlar.  One sweet heart of a HUGE dog.


With a tongue like a shovel.


There was a crowd!


But I was smitten with Kevlar and Kevlar was…exhausted from all of the attention.  He had already been well trained by Kathy of SAGA and Pampered Paws (all businesses mentioned in this post are listed below for more info!)


The crowd was shown some basic moves…and how to read the dogs…

And the SAGA potlickers waited for their turn.  Bella and Henry with Ingrid and Eileen of SAGA.


And then…the MENACE of the SAGA Humane Society was brought in.  A Tazmanian devil in white.  FLUFFY.

This dog is up for adoption!


And after trying to shake the leash a few times…actually did a great job!  Just a bit more training and Fluffy will be ready for Westminister.


That gentle lead around the nose really works.  Fight, flight, rejection, acceptance…I think those are the four dog responses.  It works.


Clearly my work is done here.


At 6:15pm, I was meeting our resident “crocodile hunter”, Chris at The Office Bar on the lagoon for the CSI Croc Tour.  I had done it in the past and was getting a refresher.

This lagoon side bar has one beautiful view of the sunset sky.

sunset office

We loaded up as darkness fell and headed out…


And…saw and caught some crocs.  I’ll tell you more later…


A 2 hour tour that left me famished!  I took the short walk over to Middle Street for a pupusa at Waruguma Restaurant.  $2.50bzd.  It’s like a El Salvadoranian grilled cheese.  With a topping of cabbage slaw.



PHEW!  It’s exhausted watching others work with animals!  🙂

For lots more information on SAGA Humane Society, here’s their website.  And when you visit…walk some of their dogs.  Great way to give them some love, a bit of training and prance them about and get them adopted.


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