Easter in San Pedro, Belize: Party Kardashian Style

Hello World,

Finn K here… Easter just finished and guess who had an epic WEEKEND?  I did!

It all Started on Holy Thursday at Lola’s Pub


…then it went to drinking champagne at the new upgraded Isla Bonita Yacht Club (formerly the Belize Yacht Club) for the rest of the weekend. Thanks to Tia Betty Ann and Beth Hart for hosting me. So nothing better than packing Grey Goose, Moet and more VODKA on the LV bag, I was set for the weekend.

fine2I mean some of us go to Church – that’s the whole point of Passover – time to meditate, reflect, pray and ask God for forgiveness. Living in a Catholic town, lots of religious reenactment and processions happen early over the weekend especially Good Friday.  Sorry no photos of any church on the blog.

Am so HOTT….LOL Selfie time….. 🙂


Had an some awesome time Friday, when better than to lay out and be cute by the pool. All bars are closed on Good Friday, no alcohol sales whatsoever!  So I stocked up as if it was the end of the world.

Finally midnight – we ended up going to the Island Invasion party at Fido’s.  They bring in all the DJ’S from all over the Caribbean.  FUNNNNN And there was a celebrity –  Shyne Barrow.  (For more on the INTRIGUING Shyne Barrow, see the end of this post – SPS.)

Little did he know I was more famous than he was. Tjejejeje.

fine3 fine4 fine5

My friend Jean got mad that we ended up leaving at 3am. BLAH i don’t want to look 100 yr old when am not even 31.

HOLY Saturday OMG. WTF is wrong with the ugly trend on the beach! Girls were wearing grandmas table cloth and guys last season red polo shoes with knee up socks. YAK!


The party was at the new Sand Bar Hostel on the beach hosted by DJ Dizzel….FUNNNNNNN.
Already feeling tipsy –  time to walk it off down the beach…


…Kind of yawning…need my beauty sleep URGENTLY!

Wake up Finn time to party!   OOPS! its 4:30 am. OMFG….didn’t go out what did I miss? just walked outside my room and this is what it looks like…

fine11Am super hungover but excited for EASTER SUNDAY!  Easter Sunday we are getting WILD! Am still sad couldn’t go out Saturday night.  The BIG NIGHT.   Could it be age or just the mix of Champagne, rum, vodka, fireball, Jager and patron?

My poor liver, so lucky to be young, wild and free.

EASTER SUNDAY….the day of Jesus resurrected also known as the national day of PEEPS or in Belize the national day of BBP; Bikinis, Bars and Parteeee.

Volley Ball….Estel’s….Drinks and more fun for me. My friend Lisa at the Holiday hotel even gave me VIP stage pass to one of the most EPIC parities on the whole country of Belize. Beach Party with DJ ZOG.

fine12AND now time for ZOG pictures….what a CRAZY A$$ night…..best fiesta ever!

fine13But first let me help my friend Lisa load her water gun with the tequila after it was empty on a practice run with Joe Chung.

NOW she is ready……
And then the crowd ends up like this….
and then I was drunk doing a sandwich on stage….VIP
So thats Easter in Belize –  my way. FYI, am not an alcoholic I just love to have a good time! Up coming events Lobster fest/FinnK birthday party combo.

Leave you guys with a picture I took this afternoon back at work. Much love.


From SanPedroScoop:

SHYNE BARROW – From Wikipedia: Moses Michael Levi (born Jamal Michael Barrow), better known by his stage name Shyne, is a Belizean rapper, who moved from Belize to the Brooklyn borough of New York City as a teenager to live with his mother.

The long and short of it is…he is the son of Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow.  He was signed to Bad Boy records, he was later incarcerated for 9 years (and then pardoned by the NY Governor) in the US for the shooting that involved P Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.  Remember that?   He was the one who supposedly “took the fall” for it.

He was deported…he lived in Jerusalem as a Hassidic Jew…he Belize’s music ambassador and the son of the Prime Minister.

For more, read about him in Wikipedia.  Fascinating.  Or follow him on Instagram.  He’s a frequent poster.

One that I am DYING to interview!

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