Gorgeous Easter Weather is Here – Surveying for The Continuation of The Road & Price Reduction at Xaman ‘Ek

After yesterday’s somewhat controversial post (I’ve added some additional information for further search engine use), I thought I would take a walk yesterday and take a few pictures.  The weather is breezy – the Easter Winds are here! – but gorgeous and sunny.  And today, Holy Thursday, banks and government offices start closing down early and all of Belize heads to the beach.

IMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9184We passed Las Terrazas Resort and this boy fishing.



Up at Rojo Beach Bar…Nuggets the bird.


And just a beautiful day.

IMG_9210 IMG_9211


Beautiful golden coconuts.

IMG_9217 IMG_9219

This house is immaculately groomed always…

IMG_9221 IMG_9222


Not so immaculately cared for is the old Xaman ‘Ek – that also housed a Jambel’s Restaurant for a while.  The price has recently been reduced to land value only.


The dock had crumbled…


The pool and the palapas a bit derelict.




I made an about face at the lovely Portofino Resort.

IMG_9232Later…I took a ride back down to town.  The surveys are placing pegs for the continuation of the road (which now stops at Belizean Shores).  There were stakes up to  Rojo and Mata Chica and beyond…soon we will have a road all the way up north.  Honestly…i never would have believed it.

IMG_9195Remember – tomorrow is Good Friday and many spots are closed.  No alcohol is sold or served anywhere in Belize until midnight.  AND THEN…the partying begins.

Happy Happy Happy Easter Weekend.  I will be reporting back early and often 🙂




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