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Same…Same…Same…The Perfect Weather Continues in Belize

Dear diary, It’s been sunny, warm and breezy for about 2 weeks now.  With hardly a dark cloud floating by.  I fear I might get a sunburn if I am not careful…


The perfect weather on Ambergris Caye continues.

I posted this photo yesterday (on Facebook) of Shrimps the chihuahua lazing away his days at Rojo Beach Bar (along with his dog friends Elsie, Suzy, Grits, Isla, Ranger, Panchita and Max).  It is a dog’s life in San Pedro.  Well…it certainly is at Rojo.


Yesterday I took a walk…and hitchhike or 3…from Royal Palms Condos (where I live) about 2 miles south to Grand Caribe Resort about 1.5 miles north.  2 hours later I was back at home, a bit dusty, with some aching feet (Old Navy $2 flip flops aren’t the ideal walking shoe?!?!?) and these pictures.


North of town in Boca Del Rio…along the beach.  CLEARLY.


Lovely day to just park in the shade and stare…


Low tide is just…gorgeous.


One fine specimen of a coconut palm  Am I pushing my luck?


Let’s move on.  These last few pictures…and the next one…I probably took about 25 steps.  It was just so pretty out!

The view in front of the San Pedro High School.


I made it over the bridge…


Got a short ride and was off again…along the beach.


OH NO!  A cloud!


I quickened my pace.

Passing Palapa Bar.


And Ak’Bol Resort.



And a few minutes later I was there…to rest a bit in the AC and then…make my way back down.

The weather is slated to continue.  The weekend forecast calls for mid-80s, sun and breeze.

Morning 36.  Dear Diary…

I shall attempt to carry on. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Same…Same…Same…The Perfect Weather Continues in Belize

  1. BelizeBound

    Yes, we know it’s a hard job you have, but of course, someone has to do it…. I do look forward to your blog everyday, but I have one pet peeve though, I think you should try putting the captions/ comments UNDER the picture being referred to, instead of above it. Just a suggestion.

  2. Susan Watts

    I agree with Belize Bound totally, and yes – captions under the photo…I’m always confused at what I’m looking at. Love this blog!!!

  3. Michelle Kosin Jesus

    Absolutely perfect! Looking forward to all those views over the next 10 days. See everyone tomorrow!

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