Belize Represents at the Houston Rocket’s Play-offs Or “Be Cool, Stay in School”

Maddox was born and raised in San Pedro.   He is 9 years old, is in Standard Two and attends Belize Elementary School in the city during the week while spending every weekend on the island.   He’s a solid student but in last semester’s ranking, he didn’t even make it into the top 5 in his class.

maddox in sp

At the beginning of the semester, Maddox, a HUGE Houston Rockets basketball fan proposed a wager with his dad. Dad, if I top my class…make #1, you have to take me to a Houston Rocket’s play-off game.

And guess what…


Top of his class.

Ha!  Take THAT dad!

So Maddox is set to go with his dad and his uncle…and get some seats that his dad can find, probably on the internet, and just be super excited that he’s there. But…there is more.


Here’s dad, Maddox and Uncle Gary driving to the game. Gary (Greif) is on the San Pedro Town Council (he got the most votes in the last election!), is our Deputy Mayor and works for Tropic Air Belize.  NO, he does not usually have the beard…he grew it for the game. The Houston Rockets best player and potential MVP has a huge beard and started a massive FEAR THE BEARD craze.

Gary, I know you are a respected town councilor now but I really do fear that beard.

Maddox’s cousin Kristian, who is the sales manager for Diamante Belize, mentions the bet to one of his friends and investors. His friend, Cesar,owns a business in Houston and has courtside seats…here he is with his fiance…


and he hears the story and he gives his seats to Maddox. WIth all access passes!

Now our San Pedro kid is not only #1 in his class but is sitting here…


He gets a gift bag from one of the players and watches the shootaround. He’s practically helping to stretch the team!



Dad’s palling around with the VIP security guy, Daryl.

James Harden – the beard to fear – getting love from Belize.



Maddox and head trainer and SVP, Keith Jones.  kid6
And friends and fans were certainly watching back in San Pedro…hoping to see Maddox and crew up in Houston. (Hard to miss with these seats!)

A group, including Kristian, was watching at Lola’s Pub.  And…

top left

TOP MIDDLE!  That’s our Deputy Mayor holding up a sign!  A sign that gives a shout out to LOLAS and his friends watching there.

Steve, the owner of Lola’s, was in Chicago at the time…and called the bar and sent a round of drinks to the table.  In San Pedro…to the guys watching the game on TV.

So there you have it folks…the Rockets are now 2-0 in their series against the Dallas Mavericks (Yes…I TOTALLY had to look that up…) and I think we all know the bottom line here.

BE COOL, KIDS, STAY IN SCHOOL.  And work hard.  Dreams do come true.



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