It’s A Scorcher out There! Heat, Beach Erosion, Signs, Chocolate and a bit More

This April has been a HOT ONE for sure and with very little rain.  These past few days, I woke up thinking someone must be burning something…the air is that thick with haze.   Luckily for us on the coast, we have been cooled by the “Easter winds” but temperatures on the mainland this week…

OH NELLY.  Here are the mainland highs.


Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to move through bringing, potentially, some heavy rains (woo hoo!), cooler temperatures (woo hoo x 2) and thunderstorms (not so woo hoo!)

record heat


Here’s what I’ve been doing with my week…other than a bit of sweating and plenty of work.  Hot weather happens to be quite beautiful…and we also happen to be on the Caribbean Sea so things could be SO much worse.

Up at Xtan Ha Resort.



Last night at sunset at Rojo Beach Bar.


Sunset at The Office Bar a few nights ago…gorgeous.


I’ve been reading about some pretty amazing beach erosion in Hopkins Village, Belize.  Coconut Row House, a fantastic place I stayed at last November (here is the post), has seen epic erosion in just the past week.

I took this pictures of their beautiful beach in November.  You can see three people walking side by side in front of the wall that has been there for YEARS.

IMG_4046And you can check out their most recent blog post – but the beach has been literally eaten away  in just a few days.

coconut row house


Hopefully they can get help SOON.

In San Pedro, the Central Park has seen a bit of beautification.  The statues of the turtle and the manatee have been repainted…

IMG_9706 IMG_9707



After.IMG_9765I took a bunch of quick pics of signs around town…

This very old Fido’s sign that is now on the ceiling at Estel’s Dine by the Sea.

IMG_2380 IMG_2381A Splash and Paint sign for Belizean Melody’s paint classes.


And a new sign at Rojo Beach Bar.

IMG_2547I joined the frequent chocolate eater club at the Belize Chocolate Company!


And enjoyed some chocolate tea.

I also had a gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and a cappuccino at Rum+Beam south of town.  DIFFERENT DAY!

IMG_2516Enough!  I could go on all day.  Seriously…

SO…stay cool out there.  And get the pets ready for what might be a thunderstormy night.

And if you can.  GET IN THE WATER!













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