Shopping For Belize And Getting Sucked into The Vortex

Shopping and navigating can be a challenge for sure.  There are so many talented people making gorgeous things.  There is the thrill of the hunt…or just getting mired down in 16 trillion items and…giving up.

I am headed to the states for a family visit in a few weeks and since I can order things…I thought I’d take a look.   5 hours later, I’ve found some pretty Belize (or Belize inspired) souvenirs and cute things that you can bring to Belize – along with your Kindle, your t-shirts, bathing suits and flip flops.

I order nothing but here’s what I extracted from the estimated 29 million items on Etsy.

I’m not generally a fan of the coin jewelry –  but this is a very pretty bracelet that just happens to have Belize’s (and maybe the world’s) lightest coin dangling from it.  The Belize 1 cent coin.

cute bracelt

Did I say I didn’t like coin jewelry?   This ring is pretty cool too!  Made for a 1991 coin.


$19.99US here.

Or you can go even more old school for $34.99US.

old skool

I always love Mexican/Mayan embroidery and in parts of Belize and especially in Mexico, many native woman wear BEAUTIFUL blouses and dresses.  But when I see them in stores or at souvenir stands they are just boxy and ill fitting.

This store on Etsy AidaCoronado has some gorgeous things…whether you are in Belize or not.

Love this blouse.

want this

A sarong is just a handy item to bring even if you aren’t the type to wear it to the beach.  Or if you don’t know how to fashion it into an evening gown.

Pick cotton and use it as a towel…a beach pillow…as a post shower wrap…as a shawl at night…it comes in handy on a trip.  Get light weight and a fabric that you actually like.

I think this batik is beautiful for $28US.


This sweatshirt is a risk for sure.  But I think it’s kind of fun…or maybe it’s funny?  And wildly age inappropriate for me.  But for you?  Perfect.  Here’s the link.  From a cute store called Everfitte.

tropical gangsterI love the idea of a travel journal…a bit Mark Twain and very romantic.   Take some notes from your trip…there are pockets for tickets and bits of collected paper….love notes probably…the stuff you collect on vacation!

Nice but not SO nice that you are intimidated to write in it.

Love this one!  Put your pin in Belize and start writing.  Use the world map to start day dreaming…

journal journal2

Page one: your flight information and packing list.  Always good to write that down.

Or…if you haven’t yet booked your trip or your move to Belize…there is this.  Also super cute.  Why not write:  BELIZE 2016 on the first page.  Baby steps!

escape plan

When packing, why not make your carry-on bag = your beach bag = your purse for the trip.

One of a kind vintage rattan bags.  I love them.  LOVE.  And again…the thrill of the hunt plus finding something one of a kind.  And they are not too expensive.  A bit Hermes…a bit junky Mexican bag.

This one.  $38US.

vintage beach bag

I bought a new one when I was in Isla Mujeres a few years ago.  And I love it.

(It’s in the left back corner.)

my bag

Or a simple tote with a great message.  $32US.

eat well

I also have loved AND TESTED these super durable and beautiful and LARGE coffee/beach bags.  Burlap coffee bag on the outside and lined with vinyl so that it’s uber-durable.

As it says on the page – upcycled chic.  $35US.

durable coffee


And in this big bag, you’ll be rooting around for all sorts of things.  You are going to want travel pouches galore and this super cute key chain, coin purse, ear bud holder.  Just about $9US.

ear buds

And then these cards.  I LOVE these Save-The-Date cards for a party or wedding…

$1.50US to $1.75US.

save the date

Oh!  And this pretty coconut soap dish.  Love it too.


Have I gone too far?  Of course I have!  I’ve been sucked into the Etsy vortex…and hopefully I can escape soon.


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