Weather, Basketball, Great Food: Things That Make Me Happy to Live in San Pedro, Belize

Kicked off by the 5 day Easter weekend, it was one of those weeks where I had basically had no idea what day it was…


The perfect HOT weather wasn’t helping.  And it’s really only a few degrees warmer in temperature…and maybe a tiny bit more humid…or perhaps it’s the giant plates of rice and beans?  But I am finding it very difficult to stay awake mid-afternoon.  Summer is here.


Thursday?  WHAT?  Are you SERIOUS?

I’ll start with Elsie, the now three legged hero-rescue dog from Southern Belize.  She is finally spending much of her days CONE FREE!  After…5 months?  Go Else!


The weather for the past 2 weeks has been absolutely amazingly glorious.


I think Thursday’s scattered darkening clouds may have been the only signs of slightly bad weather.  And they blew away pretty quickly.



I’m telling you.  PERFECT!

Here’s a photo of the great weather plus an interesting new boat in town.  Or at least one I hadn’t noticed before…

Complete with a slide.


The manatee statue in Central Park was getting prepped for a new paint job.


While in two days, I watched the swing set (just south of the manatee) go from this…wonky…



to this.


LUCKILY – Blue Water Grill is raising money this month to build a new one!  Eat at the restaurant (easy…it’s delicious), donate some money, they will match it and at the end of April, the total will be used to build a bigger, better swingset.  Perfect.

The beach at Ramon’s Village.


I settled a craving for breakfast tacos with 3 dollars worth at Antojito’s Restaurant south of town.

IMG_2326And later in the week (I think…), a craving for a good burger at Estel’s.  Not only was the burger delicious but the homemade fries were some of the best I’ve had.

IMG_2366We also had the stew chicken and rice and beans…delicious…but my photo didn’t quite turn out like I wanted…


More photos of pretty weather…

At Grand Caribe Resort.



And the view down by Fido’s Courtyard in the middle of town.

IMG_9571And lastly, Saturday night’s HUGE BASKETBALL game.  I arrived just after 9pm (for the 9pm start time – it was being live broadcast on Belize’s Channel 5) and the San Pedro High School auditorium was PACKED.

Here’s some pictures during the day time…it’s a pretty big stadium for San Pedro.

IMG_9577 IMG_9581

In the middle of the basketball court…the very cool logo.

tiger sharks

The San Pedro Tiger Sharks were playing their rivals, The Cayo Western Ballaz.   The team who came in 2nd last year to the Tiger Shark’s victory in the league.  The very team that WAS undefeated this year.  The teams came into Saturday night’s game, Cayo:  7-0 and San Pedro 5-2.

IMG_9586It was loud, fast, furious, emotional…and after being down 9 points with only a few minutes to go…the TIGER SHARKS WON IN OVERTIME.  79-75.

Super fun night.  GO TIGER SHARKS!  Here is their theme song to celebrate at home.

I’ve already listened to it three times this morning.  TIGA SHAAKS WE DUH CUM FI DA WIN!





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