A Few Pictures From Yesterday and I’m Heading Out – Mexico Bound

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Blue skies, billowy clouds and I took a walk to town in the morning to do some errands.  (Enthralling stuff, right?)

The view from Back Street over the Saca Chispas “soccer field”.


And passing one of my favorite houses…this blue one with the picket fence.


I stopped in this beauty salon for a pedicure.  Don’t even think of just coming in without an appointment!  This lady is booked solid…and for $25bzd does a thorough job on my slightly dirty feet not ready for United States consumption.

IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0249I walked out of there a new woman (at least from the ankle down) – ready for my week in the US.  Well…first $3bzd pork tacos at La Hora Taco.

IMG_0251 IMG_0252Fitting since I am traveling to the Cancun airport – to take advantage of a $300 Southwest ticket to Providence, Rhode Island the very CHEAPEST way possible.  Short of hitchhiking.

Tropic?  Oh how I would love to take your flight – I did it once from Cancun.  Easy peasy bliss.


Who needs this view (of the Moon Palace just outside of Cancun) – when I can see a bus load of miserable Belizeans in scarves, gloves and hats trying to get comfortable and maybe sleep?

moon palace

I’m taking the San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi to Belize City – $48bzd round trip and then the ADO night bus from Belize City to Cancun aeropuerto.


The last time I did this trip – in 2011 – I SWORE up and down I would never do it again.  But never say never right?  Maybe it wasn’t THAT bad?  I really don’t remember…

Or at least I can pretend I don’t.

Either way, I’ll be reporting back.  And hey…I get to spend Cinco De Mayo in Mexico.  So what if the holiday is mostly an American drinking holiday.  It’s the spirit that counts.




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