The Fin K Project In His Own Words & Pictures: The Mother’s Day Soup Kitchen/Celebration Lunch

Hello World,
Fin K here to talk and show you about a wonderful brunch soup kitchen I hosted on Sunday, May 10th, MOTHERS’ DAY at the San Pedro Lions Den.

Can I just say that the concept was awesome – it was as if a soup kitchen met a San Pedro Quince Anos celebration.  Simple yet lovely.

After a month of preparing and organizing it was a HUGE SUCCESS. We had so many Moms, kids, drinks, food, music and FIN KARDASHIAN. There has certainly never been a Mothers Day event like this EVER on the island. Open to the public where they can come and enjoy, relax, make new friends and mostly to feel loved.

fin & nana

My nana who babysat for me as a baby.

Making a event like this alone is a very challenging task – the shopping, walking, coordinating donations, going to town – it gets a little exhausting. Thanks to the restaurants that decided to help prep food or else it would have been a disaster.
It took about a month to get everything together.
Fresh flowers arrive Rojo Beach Beach Bar Saturday – time to start the arrangements….
Sunday morning – finally here.  And I’m wondering who is going to show up the nerves are unreal. My emotions are all mixed my time, the love and the passion I have put to create this event, will people come?

It was quite a windy morning…Sargasso all over the beach so i head to town to start the set up this time at 6am.

Location San Pedro town…Venue SP Lions Club
It went from regular seating soup kitchen to KARDASHIAN Quince años.  My first 3 helpers at the venue were Brittney from the Sand Bar, Elizabeth Coopage from the Island Academy and my bestie, Jean…I love them…
fin5 fin6
People often ask me why I do this – I will show you exactly why….
DJ MATT HOY already rocking the jams….
fin7Finally people – so much help!  Thanks to Lynn and Renita for looking at the seating…This ain’t no cheap soup kitchen – think about it even some hostess….

Success!fin10 fin11
A good crowd -it was as if there was a huge family of sisters…I want to thank Wings Store for donating the perfumes…


Ditcher Dan was also there helping….
fin13Daddy also came to help…
Giving the  moms LOVE…
At the end of the event, we weren’t done yet.   There were still gifts left and FOOD – lots of food and CAKE…Jean and Elizabeth decided to wrap all the food and Brittney offered us her golf cart and off we went to the San Mateo neighborhood.

My heart melts when we approached moms sitting on their porch as I walked to them and I said I have a gift for you-  the look in their eyes was as if I was playing a prank.


Yet at the same moment all I wanted to do was to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day and give them a little treat that comes from the heart. The best reward we got was the simply the best-  a GOD BLESS you, what else can we all want more than a blessing from mothers on their day.

Many of us on this Island think we have it all.  No we don’t we have it all until we give our all to others.
Today I sit here typing this blog the feeling of satisfaction is surreal but my heart is happy.  I just want to thank everyone that contributed…whether it was $5.00 or your time.   It means a lot to me and know it means even more to the ladies who attended the lunch.

Thank you – with events like this we can make a better community for all of us.
Thank you to Wings Store, Island Torch Restaurant, Fido’s Bar & Restaurant, Sand Bar Hostel, Rojo Beach Bar, Ferns Deli, San Pedro Lions Club,  Grand Belize Estates, Chef Marvin Madrill, Elizabeth Coopage, Jean Serutine, Lynn Nye, Renita, Jodie Bowen, Franc Alvarado, Daniel Jakeway (aka Ditcher Dan), DJ MATT HOY, Ever Zelaya, Colin Brown, Ursula and Ken and the San Pedro Sun.
Double special thanks to Marvin Madrill sorry for putting you under so much stress – you are the best chef…

fin hams MOM, DAD, my sister Jamie and my Brother Alex – you have no idea how much I love you thanks for keeping my spirits high…
I will leave you here with this remember to LIVE, LOVE and GIVE – FIN Kardashian

findecorCome visit me at my bar, Rojo Beach Bar at about 5 miles north…we can brainstorm the next big event!


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