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It Feels Great To Be Home in Belize

I arrived back in San Pedro at about 11am on Friday morning – after two flights, an overnight bus from Cancun and the water taxi out of Belize City.   It felt great to be home…but I was feeling a bit weary.

And by a bit weary, I was feeling like 100lbs of manure packed in a 50lb bag.  But I had the weekend to rest up and I’m ready to get back to it.

The grind of living in a beautiful place, doing fun/interesting things and telling you about it.

Like Saturday’s Hands Across the Sand stand against off-shore oil drilling



Okay…it’s not all sun and fun but the weekend was beautiful.  And here are a few pictures that I took:

The money raised by Blue Water Grill Restaurant and its patrons produced this new playground at San Pedro’s Central Park.  The kids are already loving it.

IMG_0377 IMG_0378A very pretty seating area at Rojo Beach Bar.


Taking a three legged cow dog for a walk at low tide.


And taking a quick rest on a dock.


No fishing.


Grimacing head.


And for those keeping track of the road up north…it is currently moving south.  The bulldozer is moving fast and furiously.  It is coming down from La Belize Resort and is currently outside Rojo Beach Bar.


For more on the plan and the process, see this blog post:  Big Changes for Ambergris Caye:  The Extension of the Road North & The Quarry.



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3 thoughts on “It Feels Great To Be Home in Belize

  1. BelizeBound

    Back to the grind, right Rebecca? Does Elsie have an injured hind foot, or is that just a protective boot on her foot?

    1. Belize Blog

      She tore her pad on her one good back foot! She…oh my. Her owner is about to get her a bubble to live in. Unfortunately, I guess due to her prior circumstances? If she has any sort of wound, bite, scratch, she picks at it and rips at it and makes it SO MUCH WORSE.

      1. TarheelBornGal

        Poor Elsie! That is a shame, and i was going to ask about the blue bandage/boot as well. I hope she can stay out of trouble in the future, but glad she is doing so well over all. 🙂

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