Photograph Exhibit Opens at San Pedro’s House of Culture: Kay Scott’s “Village Life”

Kay Scott, a busy nurse in Canada, took a vacation to Ambergris Caye in 1982.  A high school had just opened…all the homes were made of wood and stood on stilt and tourism was just starting…


She fell in love with the tiny fishing village and moved here that very year.  She had taken a course in photography in Canada and brought along her camera.  But to make ends meet, she picked up all sorts of jobs (as many of us do on the island) – she was a bartender, she did some accounting work and she worked for San Pedro’s very first newspaper – the “Coconut Wireless”.  At that time referring to the telegraph…not Wireless internet.

Here is the SUPER interesting article about the History of Newspapers in San Pedro – SO worth a read.  I wish the pictures worked!

Kay could be seen around town taking pictures of village life.  As Minister Heredia said last night – a pretty young girl with a camera.  Kay would take the photos and have the film sent to Belize City for developing.


She later started taking photos of birthdays, wedding, parties and more.  And it grew into a business.  When I moved here in 2008, Kay’s wedding photography was possibly the most beautiful I’d seen in San Pedro.  Here are some examples:

This taken in town.

kay scott awesome

Or this at AkBol Yoga Retreat.

akbol weddingAwesome.

kay scott

She has recently retired from the photography business and last night, her gorgeous photos of village life were celebrated at San Pedro’s House of Culture.


With their beautiful mural.

IMG_0189And Kay and Mito Paz – the director of the spot and all around great guy.  He is wonderfully passionate about displaying the talents of locals.

IMG_0196Over 70 photos are framed…and they are absolutely lovely.  And it is amazing to see how San Pedro has changed in 30 years.  They are a gift, for sure, and will be on display for a few weeks.  PLEASE make time to go see them!

And thank you Kay and Mito.  Beautiful.


One of my favorites…snoozing guide waiting for his next reef trip.






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