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Lunch with One of the Best Views on the Island: Di V’u Bar & Restaurant

Wet Willy’s dock and bar have been a fixture on Ambergris Caye for quite some time.  The largest of only a handful of over the sea palapa bars on the island, they were known for years as the home of the infamous Wednesday late night “Ladies Night”.

Wet Willy’s in 2011.

wet will1
New owners and a new look & menu in 2012:

wet will2And now.  Again new owners, a new look and a new name.  Di’Vu Restaurant.


But last summer, new owners from Maryland bought the bar and they have lots of restaurant experience.  They own a large “raw bar” called Jimmie & Sook’s back in the states and they totallly revamped the menu.  They changed the name to Di’Vu – Ova di wata, Anda di stars.  AND they cancelled the gritty late night Ladies Night.

It was time to stop in and check it all out…

And I don’t know how I forget but they have one of the most gorgeous patches of water in town.

Da view from the back deck.


Here is the view as you walk in from the beach.


Walking into the main palapa.   The dirty t-shirts, bras and panties have been replaced by colorful paper lanterns.

IMG_0421 IMG_0423

And then out on the deck.  TONS of seating and even a lounge area.  A gorgeous place to hang out, have a few drinks and use the tubes and the stairs to the water.  It’s like a pool out here.

IMG_0425 IMG_0427They are doing breakfast lunch and dinner.  Here are some menu shots.  I was there for lunch.  And Di V’u.



Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet?  That’s no joke!

IMG_0413And Di V’u.

IMG_0411We started with the pineapple cornbread with honey butter and it was…very tasty.  A little hot sauce would be beautiful sprinkled on this.


I then had the mango & apple chicken salad wrap with potato salad – and it was tasty too.  Service was great as well.

I’ll be back!  I love the new outside lighting…this place must be so pretty at night.  And kinda perfect for a large event or concert.  I call the double lounger!


Very nice revamp…and well worth trying for the food and especially THE VIEW.  But I think this place is going to be called Wet Willy’s for many years to come.  Things move slow down here 🙂







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10 thoughts on “Lunch with One of the Best Views on the Island: Di V’u Bar & Restaurant

    1. Belize Blog

      Seriously…the whole menu looks pretty good. A bit of the pricey side for my current budget but…it’s a gorgeous spot on a gorgeous day.

  1. BelizeBound

    I for one am going to miss Wet Willy’s. Change is inevitable: progress is optional.

  2. Jim

    We visited Di Vu maybe 5 times last winter and the food was good. The location over the water though…….the best especially on a warm day with a gentle breeze. One section of the outdoors is covered so you can get out of the sun if necessary. This adds another good option for places to eat in San Pedro.
    In talking to the new owners the menu turned out to be quite different than their initial plans. Their experience is with seafood on the Chesapeake and they figured they would continue that, after all it is an Island. They quickly found that their plans had to be modified to use what is available on the Island. Unfortunately for me, crab for cakes, scallops, clams and such are hard to come by and couldn’t be on the menu. Oh well. I am planning on stopping at their restaurant on the Eastern Shore this fall on my migration south. They’ve promised me I would get the best crab cakes in the world. We’ll see.

    1. Belize Blog

      Please guest blog for me about that! Just picks of scallops and crab cakes would be enough 🙂

  3. Susan Watts

    Hope they serve Iced Tea! Love to sit out with a cold tea, good food and beautiful view! I grew up in MD will definately have to stop by!

    1. Belize Blog

      Iced tea is catching on ’round here…it does look like the person place to make sun tea.

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