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Returning from the States: The Things I Brought With Me

I’m back.  My Providence, Rhode Island to Baltimore to Cancun to Belize City to San Pedro 28 hour trek is over and left me a bit tired but HAPPY TO BE HOME.

Now I’m unpacking my bag.  I was on a strict budget and didn’t buy much – just some necessary items.  And things that are SO MUCH CHEAPER abroad and worth it (to me) to bring back to Belize.

A few years ago, I wrote a post about what to bring to Belize when you are moving here permanently – and I agree with almost all of it today.  Bring sheets with you, substitute a Kindle for all the books and DON’T BRING SO MANY CLOTHES!  Those 10 pairs of long pants…you are not going to use them and they will just get moldy!  I promise.

Here’s a photos of what I extracted from my suitcase that wasn’t in it when I left about a week and a half ago.

The cats have already taken up residence on my opened bags.

Here is my yearly “Target haul”.


From right to left, let me explain.

Bug spray.  It’s the beginning of the season where you are going to want this and…well…when you can buy a 2 pack for $5US vs. the $20bzd each here.  I loaded up.

Coffee Milk Mix:  Specialty items that you just can’t find here.  LOVE a certain kind of tea or coffee?  A jam or jelly or pesto?  You can now buy MANY things in San Pedro but …well…not everything.

Vitamins for Dog and Leash, also favorite cat treats:  You just can’t get it here.

Bodum Coffee Press:  I break mine about every two years.  This is my newest one.

Hair care products:  The selection here is MUUUUCCCHHH smaller and 3-10x the price.  If you love something, bring it.

Soap/Lotions you love:  See hair care products.

Flip flops (Not shown) – my mid-aged feet are going sick of $2 Old Navy flip flops.  They need a little support and padding.  This time I’m trying out some Columbia Suntech ones.  Not the cutest things I’ve ever seen but…they are comfy.


Crystal Light Iced Tea and the Toothpaste:  You can get both here.  But the Target deals were too cheap to be true.  Buy one toothpaste for $3US, get one free?

Contact Lens Solution:  COSTS so much MORE here.  Like 5-10x the price.  Can’t hurt to grab a few.

What I forgot to buy!  MINT OREOS!  These things are so delicious but I didn’t think they’d make the plane -> plane -> bus -> boat rides.  Right now…looking at this gorgeous pile, I’m not sure I made the right decision.



Other suggestions on things to bring with you:  Sunblock, Magazines.

I declared what I could remember…honestly most of it…passing through the border at about 6am.  And was waved through by an equally weary customs officer.


Sorry for shouting…I’m just glad to be home.

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6 thoughts on “Returning from the States: The Things I Brought With Me

  1. MaggieBelize

    I lived & worked in Belize for many years, and got worried about how much mosquito repellent I was applying directly to my skin. So I always brought back Off! brand mosquito lanterns and/or the little replacement pads for them. Yes, they’re intended for outdoor use, but our screened windows were open year-round so I figure it was pretty much the same as outdoors. They really clear a room of the little buggers when you’re trying to sleep. Then, for field work, I’d treat my work pants & shirts with premethrin-based repellents. Lasts through a couple of washes … and really works when you’re “back-a-bush”. The other thing I’d bring back was semolina flour to make pizza crusts and Italian bread, lol.

    1. Belize Blog

      I hear you on the bug sprays…i get the same feeling and then…as soon as i get a few bites, I’m right back on the DEET. Bags of flour! Interesting. I bet customs LOVES that 😉

  2. Peter

    Hello Rebecca glad you made it safely.Good choice in the steel cut Irish oatmeal.What is worse the mosquitoes or the sandfleas

    1. Belize Blog

      I have somehow won some sort of (genetic?) lottery in that sand flies don’t bother me…and since I live in town, they aren’t much of a problem anyway. So for me? Mosquitoes. That being said…when I went to Roatan and Guanaja (the Bay Islands of Honduras), I was MURDERED by the sand flies. I thought I was going to have to be air lifted home (yes…I like drama)…so maybe I got used to them without knowing?

  3. lifeagain

    you should try visiting the dollar stores when you are in country/states. Deals, bargains and steals.

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